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Friday, August 27

Life In the Future

Well it's the future and my dad's words sometimes haunt me. He did speak of the cashless and checkless society which we are having more or less with ATM cards and especially with them hooked up to MC and Visa. But he also spoke about shorter work weeks because of the advent of computers. All this talk was in the early 60's. We had the World's Fair in NY around '64 and '65 and several pavillions were very futuristic. By the year 2000, we would be living the good life. Pressing buttons and having lots of leisure time to fly around in our hover craft.

Years later, I guess in the 70's and then in the early 90's I went to Epcot Center in Disney World where I visited every pavillion in that first part before you get to the nations of the world . I can remember remarking to my companions that "I have seen the future and I don't like it." It all looked very fake to me. Well it's the future and it seems to be the same old shit only worse.

Check out this article from a magazine in 1961: Will life be worth living in the year 2000 AD? It's so typical of what I remember from that era: The future would be positively boring... if there is a future.

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