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Sunday, August 29

Lady Bush Speaks Out. Get Thee a Xanax. Get Thee A Double on the Rocks.

Laura Bush doesn't think it was very nice of John Kerry to say that her husband shouldn't have sat in the classroom for 7 minutes. "And I think what my husband did was perfectly appropriate. I think it was the right thing to do in front of the children." Bullshit. Kids are quite flexible. She should have paid attention to hers when they were growing up and she would know that. And apparently it was ok that the whole fucking country derided clinton for a bj in "front of the children".

Then the first lady went on to deride the protesters who will be in NYC: "We're all very lucky to live in a country where they have the right and opportunity to protest. As we look around the world, we know there are a lot of places that people don't have that right," the first lady said.

But then of course there are the tons of other countries where you CAN protest, biatch. This is NOT the only one. Aren't we getting tired of that line about that this is the only country where we have free speech? The Post says the Laura likes NY even though NY doesn't like her. She likes the designers in NY. Well isn't that special? She is just soooo in tune with typical Americans, now isn't she? Most NYers aren't event aware of who the fucking designers are. Somebody shoot me.

In an interview with Time, Laura is compared to Mamie Eisenhower who once said, "Ike runs the country; I turn the pork chops." I'm sorry, but you don't have to be a feminist to puke at the thought of what an insult that is.... unless of course you have been subject to some sort of lobotomy. She also told Time that the Swift Boat Vet ads weren't unfair. In that case, let's keep the ads coming against Bush. Where do I send my contribution?

She went on to explain that the reason she's against stem cell research is because it will take a long time to actually make it work. The cures won't be around the bend. So let me get this straight... we shouldn't bother to investigate something that would cure diseases because it will take too long? Does she know something we don't know? (Remember Bob Woodward reporting that Bush doesn't care what history will make of him, because we'll all be dead or that the Christian Right which is consulted by the WH is hell bent on armageddon and Jesus' return.)

"The first lady worries that America's political tone has gotten so nasty that "what we see people say about the presidential candidates — I don't think that's a really good role model for our children." " -NY Post

The First Lady of Stepford believes that we should pretend for the sake of our children that everything is just peachy keen. Of course when we get blindsided by an al Qaida attack again, they will just sit idly by and believe that there was just nothing anyone could do... we should expect our children to be so fucking dumb that they will somehow believe that the most 'powerful nation in the world' had no way to see that it was coming and there was no way that anything could be done to stop it. Perhaps Mrs. Stepford-Bush has already been tested and on medication under the president's mental health initiative. The only way on earth that our children will be stupid enough to buy this drivel is if they are severely drugged, ill informed, brainwashed, under-educated, drafted into the military and shot with viles full of unknown chemicals.

On one hand she's worried about illiteracy and on the other hand she doesn't want children to know anything.

Ya wanna know what the really sad sad thing about all of this is? And it's sad. Go away if you don't want to cry. I won't be mad...

...about half of this country feels this way. They've drunk the koolaid of willful ignorance. Bush didn't cause a retarded country. A retarded country caused Bush.

And in other typical contrary Republican news:

Former unpopular mayor and on his way out of NYC until after 9/11, Rudy Guiliani who is a pro-choice Republican and makes no bones about it and boringest NY governor ever, George Pataki who cut taxes, brought back the death penalty while supporting gay and abortion rights and gun control will be speaking on behalf of the GOP at the convention. WHA????? Read it again. Even Republicans in NY are not your typical Bush backing Republicans. There are no right wing christians up this way and if there are, they keep it to themselves. Most NYers (those with at least 2 brain cells to rub together of either party) are furious with Guiliani and Pataki for supporting Bush because of the way the administration shit on NY after 9/11.

....and yes, dammit, I am pissed off today. I read the paper today and they are trying to make us believe that everything is just fine and the protesters are somehow misguided fools. bah.

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