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Tuesday, August 31

If you're ever in NYC and happen to visit Ground Zero, you will most likely meet the folks from They have been dealing with a lot of police hassling yet they are breaking no laws as the perimeter around Ground Zero is public property. Of course, you'll probably have to go to court to find this out because the police don't care what freedoms the constitution grants Americans. You can also watch a quicktime movie from June 2004 taken at Ground Zero.

Another interesting website to check out is the 9-11 Visibility Project.

The way I look at, if I was forced to hear, read and wallow in every detail of the former president's private sex life which I had no interest in whatsoever, then I feel that all citizens of this republic are entitled to have all of our questions answered concerning September 11, 2001. It affected everyone. I had to breathe it. I want to know the truth. I want to know what happened to WTC 7. Where was NORAD? I want to know why George Bush lied about seeing the first plane hit 2 times. I'm sick of the lies. I am sick of the GOP thinking they own 9/11.

Oh no they don't. How dare they.

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