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Monday, August 16

If the Swift Boat Veterans were Debunked...

would the debunkers be interviewed on Fox, MSNBC, CNN as often as the liars were? Would they even be interviewed at all?

If Citizens for Honest Fighter Pilots actually made a commercial that answered these questions about Bush/AWOL: (1) where was Bush while he was AWOL for 5 months? (2) why did he fail to show up for his annual flight physical? and (3) why don't any of his fellow guardsmen remember him at the Alabama base?.... and proved that Bush was 'acting inappropriately' on the base in Texas, then was picked up on a DUI for alcohol and marijuana and sent off to rehab during those missing months.... would the media have anything to say about that? Would those commercials even make it to the television? Would most of America find out about this?

Just wondering...

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