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Monday, August 30

Here's to Pissed Off Patricia

Today Patricia was published in Buzzflash mailbag!

Hi BuzzFlash,

Don't you think that when Nixon was trying to shut down Lt. Kerry's movement back in the early seventies, if there had been any question about Lt. Kerry's medals, Nixon would have brought it to light? Remember Nixon sought out John O'Neill to go up against Kerry because he wanted someone to counter Kerry's comments. Nixon was President and we all know he had no problem using his power any way he wanted. He wasn't stupid and I believe the first thing he would have done would have been to check out Kerry's service record. At that time O'Neill never mentioned anything about Kerry not earning his medals. Why does he do it now?

The following is a quote from an article by Michael Kranish, a staff writer for The Boston Globe (6-17-03): "I don't ever remember finding anything negative about Kerry or hearing anything negative about him," Colson said. "If we had found anything, I'm sure we would have used it to discredit him.

(Charles "Chuck" Colson was counsel to President Nixon)

pissed off patricia

Those were some very good points that "professional" journalists never bothered to think about. Bloggers have got it going on! Thanks for linking to blondesense!

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