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Thursday, August 26

A Guide to NY

71% of registered New York City voters believe protesters should be allowed to rally in Central Park despite what the judge says. (Supposedly they are worried that protesters will wreck the grass but they are not worried when music lovers wreck the grass). 81% approve of lawful demonstrations during the convention, and 68% approve of nonviolent civil disobedience. An underwhelming 25% of New Yorkers approve of bush. NYC police plan to be flexible when it comes to protesters who show up in Central Park. They really have to make sure that they don't arrest the wrong people or it would be the end of Bloomberg's mayoral career for sure.

Hey Newsday has a snarky convention weblog. Cool. It's quite informative: tells you which streets will be closed, that you better be good at holding your bladder, etc.

Here's a link to the Newsday Convention Coverage page. Very informative and delightfully subversive if you ask me. You can get information on what hotels the delegates are staying in, which big shots will be in town (not a hell of a lot of bona fide celebrities) and there is a guide to understanding the natives. I like this article because it's bogus. I hope the delegates read it. heh.

Mayor Bloomberg wants New Yorker to behave! Yes daddy.

Gov. George "I live upstate in Albany and I don't have a clue" Pataki says, ""I've had people, as I've been around the country, say, 'Should I come here the week of the convention?' The answer is unequivocally yes," he said. "I will be here, my wife, Libby, will be here, our kids are going to be here as much as it can fit in with their school schedule, because this is the safest large city in America. And next week, it will be as safe as any place in America can possibly be."

Does he know that NYC Cops are protesting too?

And Jimmy Breslin, who actually knows a few things about Manhattan remarked that police are heavily guarding an asphalt lot, their own police stations and ignoring the Natural Gas pipelines in You Think We're Safe? That's a Real Gas

Another article quotes NY denizens as saying they haven't seen police in the right places.. like subways: "Right around Times Square, around Toys 'R' Us, I saw body-armed guards with the helmets and the body armor. That, and the dogs, kind of scared me," he said. "At least the toys are going to feel safe."

Commuters and vendors at the Port Authority bus terminal said they have noticed a smaller-than-usual number of uniformed police there over the past two weeks.

"I've seen maybe two cops [in the terminal]; maybe the rest are undercover," said Chris Jones, 41, a chemical operator from Paterson, N.J. "I've been standing here one hour and haven't seen any cops."

The absence of uniformed officers is enough to make Jones want to avoid Manhattan during the convention. "With the [lack of] security I see now, I won't take a chance," he said.

Alrighty then.

I cannot find the photo online of the NYPD guarding a Victoria's Secret Store. When I do, I will post it right away.

If you do come to NYC, eat local pizza. No chains.

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