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Thursday, August 26

GOP Hates NY

New York Post explains how Dennis Hastert in his book said the Big Apple was guilty of an "unseemly scramble" for cash after Sept. 11 and he wrote that at the time of the attacks, it was impossible to calculate the cost, continuing, "but already we heard voices asking, 'Who's going to pay for this? How much will it cost?' "

""I want to let Hastert know we want our FDNY cap back," fumed Councilman Peter Vallone Jr., referring to the baseball cap given to Hastert three years ago when the powerful Illinois lawmaker toured Ground Zero shortly after the 9/11 attacks."

New York politicians are pissed to say the least. Apparently it's ok to ask about how much Iraq is costing us or how much hurricane charley will cost Florida. The attack on NY is a result our foreign policy and duh, of course NY is going to want money to rebuild and deserves every damn penny.

I'm fuming now. Don't forget to cough in the faces of delegates in NYC.

Why oh why are theycoming here?

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