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Tuesday, August 31


by blondesense and pissed off patricia

We are collectively disgusted at how rethuglican delegates mocked senator kerry's service. If Bush doesn't call off his dogs, he is only painting himself as a sicker and more desperate presidential candidate.

"This is the Republicans idea of "support American troops". Like small children they made fun of Senator Kerry's service to his country by wearing little purple heart bandages. Despicable!
Go fight in a war, come home and be made fun of. Despicable!"
-Pissed Off Patricia

"The hubris, the unmitigated gall and the collective spittle spat on the faces of the brave men and women who have served our country by republican delegates who support a most hawkish regime only goes to show you just how low the GOP values the military, their families and their service."

Via CNN and Kicking Ass

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