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Friday, August 20

Charting Swift Boat Liars back to Bush

If you haven't already seen this, here's the NY Times Chart that shows the web of connections. Interesting that stupid old CNN doesn't bother to read the Times or check out their facts. They still have jerk talking heads on TV who are giving their opinion on this and have no facts to back anything up. Actually I think our new correspondent, Jaye has better facts than CNN.
(hat tip to sticky blog)

I watched CNN and Fox this afternoon just to see what was going on and naturally I became ill at the way the so called news is delivered on cable television. It's not news, it's commentary. I wrote a whole bunch of letters to CNN management about the way they are handling the Swift Boat liars. I don't want to see a "he said, she said" bullshit back and forth rant consisting of hearsay. I want news and I expect the station's so called reporters to actually do some investigating and I told them so. I now remember why I won't watch tv news anymore. I prefer to just read zillions of news stories and make my own conclusions because news pundits are just plain idiots.

I see that the wingnuts are flipping out over M@lkin's take down on Chris Matthews over at her website on the message board which I am not linking to. Oh they are so upset that she was talked over by Matthews and didn't get to make her point. Boo hoo. Who is she anyway and why should I care? What makes her anything anyone should care about in the news? She has very nasty and evil opinions usually. And you have to admit that she is frightening to watch on tv. meow.

Update: Astute reader Kit points us to Oliver Willis blog with a nice clip of M@alkin losing it on Hardball if you haven't seen it. Rude Pundit has the transcript.

UPDATE: If you haven't read Media Matters lately, they have transcripts and video where actual tv hosts ask hard questions. The O'Lielly substitute did a fine job on a not so swift boat veteran as did Chris Matthews who is beginning to get on my good side even though he doesn't always have the facts he should.... but not bad.

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