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Friday, August 20

Bush takes credit for Iraqi win at Olympics: Typical

From the "I Told You So" Files

I believe I posted on this site that I wasn't going to watch the Olympics cause I can't stand the sap. Then I posted that the sap was gone to my surprise. My friend Billydoom was here and put on a soccer game at the Olympics last weekend. I am not really a soccer fan, but maybe he will write a post on his blog about what soccer means in the rest of the world (it's very interesting)... anyway, I watched the game with much excitement because Iraq was playing! We're liberating them, you know.

Iraq kicked ass. They did a splendid job and I felt that if any country needed a nationalistic boost, it was Iraq. They didn't wave their new coalitionally chosen flag that looks remarkably like the Israeli flag. The commentator said it was hard for them to practice because their stadium in Iraq was 'destructed'.

Today in the NY Daily News which hardly anyone reads in public, but it's really not too too bad for a winger paper (like the NY Post, which no one would ever in a million years admit to reading, let alone read on a train unless they are willfully ignorant), the headline is:

Team Iraq aims kick at Bush

Well it seems that Team Bush didn't waste any time getting the Iraqi soccer win into their campaign ads. Yes folks, Bush is taking credit for the win somehow. I find this whole war thing very unsettling. Bush is taking credit for something that he ordered from his comfy surroundings back home in the USA while surrounded by body guards. How brave. It's not like he is a general and led the charge or anything. He sacrificed a whole lot of home grown American kids for his folly... but I digress. This isn't quite as abhorant and Bush using dead firefighters from 9/11 in his ad, but it's up there in the realm of Very Tacky. Here's the story:.

The Iraqi soccer team featured in a Bush campaign ad says it considers the President a killer who should remove U.S. forces from their country immediately.

Midfielder Ahmed Manajid even said if he wasn't playing soccer at the Olympics, he would be home in Fallujuah trying to kill American soldiers.

Gee thanks President Bush for helping spread good will on behalf of our boys who signed up cause they wanted to fucking go to college.

"Iraq as a team does not want Mr. Bush to use us for the presidential campaign," Iraqi midfielder Salih Sadir told Sports Illustrated in a story posted yesterday online. "He can find another way to advertise himself."

A week ago, the Bush camp began airing the touchy-feely TV ad that paints Iraq's and Afghanistan's participation in the Olympics as an example of democracy growing worldwide. And, on the campaign trail, President Bush has cited Team Iraq's impressive start in Athens.

The Iraqis say enough already.

"How will [Bush] meet his God, having slaughtered so many men and women?" Manajid told the magazine. "He has committed so many crimes."

Iraqi coach Adnan Hamad says his problems "are not with the American people" but rather "with what America has done in Iraq: destroy everything. The American Army has killed so many people in Iraq. What is freedom when I go to the stadium and there are shootings on the road?"

Still, the 2-1 Iraqi soccer team, which is headed toward the medal round, is happy about one thing: It does not have to fear torture if it loses, as was the policy of ex-Iraq Olympic Committee Chairman Uday Hussein, son of jailed former dictator Saddam Hussein. Uday was killed by U.S. forces along with brother Qusay about four months into the war.

They talked about this torture thing on Olympic television coverage. Uday was a real schmuck and did torture losers. The bastard. (whether or not I agree with bombing a whole city full of innocent people to kill him is another story. Maybe I watch too many movies, but I thought that we had like secret uber-military guys who could just go in and take out bad guys and then whitewash the story so I wouldn't have to worry my bleeding heart.) The story ends with some good old fashioned propaganda...

"Freedom and democracy are spreading across the globe because of America and her allies - and there are two more, Iraq and Afghanistan," said Bush campaign spokesman Kevin Madden.

Well that's just great. Glad it's spreading everywhere else. Cause it certainly isn't spreading here in America.

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