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Wednesday, August 25

Bush Hates New York Redux... again

Blondesense says: Please direct your coughs into the faces of RNC delegates to remind them how safe the air was after 9/11.

Just when I thought I was done ranting about how much BushCo and the whole RNC hates the guts of New York and New Yorkers (read my previous post on this topic if you haven't already) and have Guiliani, Pataki and Bloomberg fully drunk on Koolaid, astute reader, resident co-smart ass and blondesense contributor, Jaye pointed out a great article by the Village Voice, probably the only good paper in NY: A presidential potpourri of cuts, blunders, stonewalls, deceptions, and distractions "The 10 Ways Bush Screwed New York" by Wayne Barrett, special reporting by Daniel Magliocco. Read it for sure. If the hypocrisy doesn't make you want to scream, I don't know what will.

Richard Cranium at The All Spin Zone has an article that really hit home... If search and rescue dogs from 9/11 are dead from cancer, how long will it take till human denizens of the city will be dropping dead?

BTW: New Yorkers are great people. Don't be afraid of them when you visit. A writer purposely lost 5 wallets in one day. 4 were returned intact the same day.

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