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Monday, August 30


by pissed off patricia

What a weekend!

We had guests over to dinner Saturday night. We've known this couple for years and they are what I would call, deer in the headlights, Republicans. By that I mean that anytime anything is mentioned which in any way relates to politics, they just stare at you and don't say a word. I mean, they don't present their opinion, rather they go mute. God, that's frustrating. Of course my blackboard in my kitchen has "Kerry/Edwards 2004" written in big letters on it and little stars drawn all around the words. My frig sports a sign that says "Democrats Vote" accompanied by some little magnets, one of which states, "You're Certainly Entitled to Your Own Little Fucked Up View of Reality". Humm, come to think of it, maybe our guests were a little intimidated. lol

Sunday afternoon I was mesmerized as I was glued to the TV for four hours watching every minute of C-span's coverage of the NYC protest marchers. Best thing on TV in a long, long time. C-span didn't have a delay on the events or sound, so the viewers got to hear and see everything. C-span deserves a big round of applause for doing what TV used to do, and that's let us decide what we want to hear and see.

After enjoying the views of the protesters, my husband and I watched the video "Outfoxed". I had ordered it a couple of weeks ago from . There wasn't a lot new to learn but it nicely showed you what is happening as big news is being controlled by big biz. Scary, scary stuff. Today I have loaned out the video to friends and hopefully it will travel all over our area. If you haven't seen it yet, you should.

So this morning I arise to discover a category four hurricane has it's eye aimed at my area of Fla. Whew, what next? This just may not be a great week. Nothing will be on TV news but the Republican convention. A big storm is churning this way. They predict that if the hurricane does come here it will be sometime the later part of this week. I'm feeling more stressed than pissed today, because just as soon as I get to say goodbye to the damned convention coverage, I could well be saying, Hello Hurricane Frances!

See what I mean? Life just may not be much fun down here for the next several days. First it's gonna suck and then it's gonna blow.


Read this article by Eleanor Clift
Here's a little taste to get you going:
"My Republican mole on Capitol Hill says the green light has gone out to Republicans to do whatever it takes to get Bush elected. “This is the way we hold onto power,” he says with disgust."

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