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Thursday, August 26


by pissed off patricia

Okay, this breaks the sound barrier in the stupid zone.

Thank goodness Greg Palast's newsletter turned us on to this one. I mean come on now. What the heck are these folks doing with their brains? Obviously they aren't using them to think rationally. This article is linked from the website.
You might want to check that website out too.

Anyway, here's a "set you hair on fire" comment from this bizarre article:

"New York City is a place renowned for coddling no one — tourists, babies, old people. And yet, its new mayor, a Boston transplant, plans to coddle these junior terrorists." (I added the bold type here, but the words are the author's original igorance.)

See? I knew it was bound to happen. The word "protesters" is morphing into "terrorists". I don't remember that happening in Boston, do you?

This article also mentions a plan by protesters to turn loose an army of mice to scare the beejeesus out of the delegates. Weapons of Mice Destruction? Damn, whose idea was this? It's so easy when you think about it. According to some folklore the only thing all elephants are deeply terrified of is a mouse. Beware folks in New York, there is also word that there's gonna be a food fight too.

Get out the popcorn and the adult beverages, tune in the convention next week cause this is going to be interesting, if not a little bit entertaining. Mice and pies and protesters, oh my!

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