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Wednesday, August 25


by pissed off patricia

It's time to have some fun!

Here's a reason to watch bush's speech at the GOP convention. No really, this will be fun. Take this quiz and then watch the speech to see if your predictions come true.

Dana Hork has the contest up for predictions about the GOP convention. This one will make you laugh out loud. Go visit , enter the contest and have fun. We need lots more fun these days and thanks to Dana we can have some.

Here's what it's all about:

"Either read for fun, or enter the "Republican National Convention Chief Political Pundit" contest by submitting the form to me online no later than Thursday, Sept. 2nd at 3pm EST. I will score the quizzes, and the pundit with the highest score will get to choose from a list of prizes including:

- John Kerry Flip Flops -
- George W. Bush Jack in the Box -
- Any Best Selling Hard Cover Politico Book -
- And Other Politico Goodies

The quiz contains 50 brief questions, covering ONLY George W. Bush's speech scheduled for the night of Sept. 2nd. I have written questions with a varying degree of difficulty to allow everyone from the politically savvy to the politically clueless to participate. (The quiz takes about 10 minutes to fill out)."

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