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Friday, August 20


by pissed off patricia

Gripes for Today

First there's this

According to the Detroit Free Press:

"The federal agency that oversees auto safety has decided -- based largely on arguments from automakers and their Washington, D.C., lobbyists -- that reams of data relating to unsafe automobiles or defective parts will not be available to the public."

So, how do you like them apples, or maybe in this case, possibly lemons? Who says lobbyists don't have clout? Screw the safety factors, just sell the damned cars and show us the money.

Then there's this

Remember back before bush frolicked into Iraq and we were all screaming, "No War in Iraq?" Remember we were called terrorists, unpatriotic, un-American and traitors? It was said that we didn't support our troops because we wanted to protect them by keeping them safe at home. My, my how times have changed. Now a Vietnam veteran and military hero can be called a liar, have his service questioned, and it's a-okay. Meanwhile we are blood deep in a war, almost 1000 of those troops we tried to protect are dead, and no one can see an end to the massacre. But there's no time to discuss this seriously, because we have to revisit a war fought thirty some years ago. Don't even try to convince me there is one iota of sanity in all of this.

And finally there's this

Fox News sucks! They have played this swift boat/anti Kerry ad to death, as they give it "fair and balanced" coverage and comments. Watch the talking faces on their morning show. Every time they say "fair and balanced" they can barely keep from laughing because they know how insane it sounds. While everyone is questioning the 527 groups, why aren't we questioning an entire national TV station that is dedicated to the re-selection of george bush?

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