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Thursday, August 19


by pissed off patricia

New Construction Begins in Hell

I hope there's some big time construction going on in hell, as they prepare special rooms. I hope they are building extra evil rooms for all those who are price gouging the victims of hurricane Charley, especially the good Americans who are jacking up the price of drinking water. In 90 degree weather, with humidity at near 80 percent, with no electricity and therefore no AC, why not rip off these people who are trying like hell to reconstruct their lives from a pile of aluminum, wood, and dry wall.

Other additional rooms in hell should be built for anyone who would devise fraudulent schemes to take money from the elderly. A couple of elderly people here on the east coast of Florida were lured into a "you won the lottery" scheme over the telephone by one of the future occupants of hell's new addition. Sure the rest of us would say the couple should have been more careful. Okay fine, but they weren't, and there was a vile predator who leaped on their savings. Forget the couple being more careful. What about the fact that there are people who would connive to steal from them? What the hell is that all about in a compassionate, Christian crowing nation?

It's frustrating isn't it? We have crimes all the hell everywhere. We have the prison scandals, the war scandals, the white house scandals, and all we get is "Somebody's looking into that." Remember during President Clinton's eight years? There were all the investigations into the fantasy crimes. All that money spent on all the hopeful desires to tar and feather him, and the best they could do with all those resources was slap him around for lying about a sexual encounter. Well, to me that pales in comparison to going to war based on, at the very least, exaggerations. But not to worry, somebody is looking into that. We have Senate committees up the ying yang and we get nothing. They are trying to tell us that the underlings at Abu Ghraib thought up those ideas of torture. I find that rather difficult to swallow. In my wildest dreams, I would never come up with the idea of making a group of prisoners disrobe and climb on top of one another. Maybe I lack cruel creativity but it just would never enter my mind. What kind of mind would it enter and why?

Can you tell that I am angry today? I don't want to be, but sometimes the frustration of the facts becomes too heavy and the anger pops out. When I hear and see bush standing behind the podium with his “I'm just one of you guys” blue-collar shirt on and he mumbles about making us safe etc, I want to scream. I want to scream because I have never felt so unsafe in my life. I'm afraid of him and everything he stands for. I'm afraid of the national reputation the US has now. I'm afraid of his insane religious beliefs. I'm afraid that he has done so much damage that it may not be repairable. And most of all I fear that there won't be nearly enough rooms in hell, because I believe there's a large contingency headed that way.

One More Comment About Evil Deeds

After cranking up the fear factor in New York City based on new, newer, old information, it will now make it so, so much easier to arrest protestors at the GOP convention in the name of The Patriot Act and also so, so much easier to use the words "suspected terrorist" on the arrest reports. John Ashcroft has his laws and not only is he not afraid to use them, I think doing so works for him like Viagra works for other men.

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