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Tuesday, August 17


by pissed off patricia

Maybe I'm feeling a bit jealous or perhaps it's resentment. I feel as though bush has brought a strange unruly child into our family, and it's getting all the attention. We are squandering our soldiers and our resources to protect and develop this child. We must go without so bush can brag about what he's done for his new ward. He says that this child will get everything it wants and needs at our expense. He appears to want to coddle and spoil it at any expense, and we must step aside. When bush speaks of this child, he smiles and gloats at its progress while the rest of us are not mentioned. He seems to have forgotten we're here. Maybe he doesn't care.

Sure, I know this child did not ask to be taken in by our family. It may not even be happy and instead may be suffering. But, I'm speaking now about us. Sometimes it is all about us. Sometimes we have a right to stamp our foot and demand that we have needs too. We have been neglected long enough. It was nice that we could help this needy child, but we too need help. If we hadn't spent so much on this unruly child, perhaps we could bask in the glow of our own progress.

Bush seems to have failed as our protector and became disillusioned with us, so he went in search of a child so needy that it would make him look good when he took it in. He tries to justify his act by telling us that without his affections for this child, it would have one day done us harm. Looking at this frail child those words are difficult if not impossible to believe. He says, see this child is all the better because of me. Don't look at anything else. Look at what I've done for this child that was destitute yet dangerous. He wants to show his rescued unruly child like a prize. He wants the world to say, oh my goodness, what kindness this man has shown to this poor thing. Look how he cares for it and notice his affection when its name is mentioned. What a great and good man he is. Meanwhile bush attributes his generosity to the love and devotion he has learned from his religion. He doesn't mention that this child is a replacement for those who he neglected, ignored and walked away from here at home. He bases his entire success in life on his care of America's adopted child.

But what if this child rebels and turns it's back on bush? What if the child isn't as happy with bush's guidance as he assumed it might be? What if the child becomes in reality what bush claimed it was in his justification? What if he has created that which he feared most? Then what does bush do? Does he fall back to his old ways of neglect and ignore then deny? Does he walk away and try to pretend he succeeded and accomplished his mission?

Bush has wagered his future on the success of this child, and although it may have been a wager of good intent, in the end it has been more of a burden than the rest of us can bear. We are becoming more and more intolerant and less and less patient. We would prefer someone who would lead our country with our own future in mind. Someone who would see to it that our American family has everything it needs instead of taking on missions for individual self gratification and glory. A man who places his country before himself may always be assured that he will be admired not just at home but by the all other countries as well. It's time for our country to become the American family again and not the country that george bush tore apart and left behind. He took in this unruly child and we have paid the price. It cost too much.

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