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Sunday, August 15


by pissed off patricia

The Hurricane passes and the Bush Bullshit Begins.

During Jeb bush's tour of Punta Gorda yesterday he was asked about the unexpected turn that Charley made, and bush replied with something to the effect that God doesn't work in a straight line. Well, if that's the case and a fickle god is steering the storms, what good is the National Hurricane Center? Jeb also seemed to insinuate that God sent the storm to the folks in Punta Gorda and the neighboring communities. He didn't explain why he would worship a god who would do something so awful. What the hell did those people do that would make a loving God send something so disastrous for them to have to deal with? Were they all going to vote for Senator Kerry? In the future should we depend on george bush to chat with god and let us all know where future storms will hit? If you buy Jeb's garbage you might believe that hurricanes are God's way of harming human beings on purpose. Oh please, give me a break! Leave the damned religious part out of the equation and deal with the reality of the situation. Go ahead and say hurricane prediction is not exact but it has improved so very much. Now people don't have to see flocks of seabirds flying inland to know that a mighty storm is on the way. In recent years the predictions have been many more times accurate than they have been inaccurate.

I bet you that if there was a god, he would be mad as hell at the Jebster for blaming this death and destruction on him and his whimsy.

Today george bush will tour the area by helicopter. I wonder if he does decide to land and speak with Charley's victims, will the victims be hand picked, ticket holding, swear to vote for bush, supporters? I can imagine bush accompanied by his megaphone hopping up on the rubble of what was last week someone's home. Then an appointed person yells, I can't hear you. George will respond by yelling that he can hear them, and soon the hurricane who did this awful deed will hear from all of us. To which America will swoon. (Come on now, you didn't really think his appearance on the 9-11, New York rubble and the statement that "we can't hear you" was not a setup did you? You didn't really think that his response was off the cuff did you? Let's face it, there's no way in the world that he could have been that quick on his feet. Think about his response to free-wheeled questions like the one a couple of weeks ago regarding sovereign Native American tribes. I rest my case!)


My own little corner of the world had no problem from Charley. A weak tornado did a little rearranging of our landscaping but that's about it. We were fortunate and we know it. If you want to do something for the victims of Charley, the best thing you can do is make a donation to the Red Cross and send God a straight edged ruler.

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