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Saturday, August 28

Bitchin' on Saturday

by pissed off patricia

Seems to me that it's time for the US to issue a recall for American apples.

Lately there have been just too many "bad apples". First we found a few of these "bad apples" abusing prisoners at Abu Ghraib. Now we know there were bushels of them. Then bush admitted that he had made some "miscalculations" before he gleefully invaded Iraq. And I'm guessing he based those miscalculations on a few bad apples in the white house. Last night we were told, first by CBS correspondent Lesley Stahl, that there is a very bad apple stench coming from within the office of the Secretary of Defense at the pentagon.

I demand we find the cause of this inordinate number of bad apples. Perhaps the wisest thing to do is to recall and trash all the apples and start a new orchard.

In the words of the little guys on South Park, I call bad apple "shenanigans" on the USA!

Speaking of South Park, I bet there are more than a few of our soldiers in Iraq who would agree with Cartman when he says, "Screw you guys, I'm going home." I wouldn't blame them a bit.

And the beat goes on.

BuzzFlash sent out an email last night. Here's what it said:
Former TX Lt. Gov. Barnes Admits on Video That He Got George W. Bush, Son of a Rich Man, Into the TX Air Nat'l Guard While Kerry Volunteered to Face Enemy Fire in Vietnam (See "Barnes on Patriotism" Video)," goes to the source for this video,

Go watch it. Former Texas Lt. Governor Barnes will tell you how he helped bush become an Olympic quality, dodge ball pro. Yes siree, this is how bush managed to jump ahead of all the poor suckers who were fairly awaiting their chance to get into the Air National Guard. The draft ball was rolling george's way, so Lt. Governor Barnes helped him dodge a ticket to Vietnam. Meanwhile, that wily John Kerry volunteered to go to Vietnam, but that doesn't count, because according to some angry vets, Kerry didn't bleed enough when he was injured. What a wimp! If, heaven forbid, Senator Kerry had been killed in Vietnam, would he now be dead enough? I wonder about this because there are those who question Max Cleland's patriotism, and this guy lost three limbs in that war. Sorry Max, a real patriot would have lost all four limbs. With your one unpatriotic remaining arm, roll you wheelchair to the back of the patriotism line.

In my opinion, anyone who went to that war, and most especially anyone who volunteered to go to that hellacious war, deserves whatever the hell awards he received. Just the fact that someone volunteered would make me want to give him a whole sack full of bravery awards. Then to go and be injured, I don't care if they bled a teaspoon of blood or a pint, gets them another ton or so of ribbons and medals. Americans were dropping like leaves on a crisp Autumn day during that war. So, anyone who volunteered for a mission like that is, in my book, not only a hero but one hell of a human being. They not only deserve all the medals they received and more, they deserve respect. But, and this a big but, if you could get a Lt. Gov. of your state to help you dodge the draft ball, well hell, you get to be president of the United States of America. You get to declare your very own damned war and you get to send men and women into another senseless bloody war while you boast of victory like a kid with a new sack of plastic green toy soldiers. You get to sit home safe and sound, and watch this war just like you did over thirty years ago - sit home safe and sound while others are dying.

So here's the core of the story. If you volunteer to go to war and receive awards, that my dear is questionable. But if you cheat and avoid the draft, you get the white house and all the amenities that go with it. How do you like those apples?

A couple of other items may draw your interest. First, did you know there was prison abuse during interrogations at Abu Ghraib? You are probably replying, "Yes, Patricia I know it and my cat and dog know it too." Well I, along with my pets, know it as well, but apparently one of us should have called Don Rumsfeld and clued him in on these facts. Seems old Don hasn't been paying attention to the investigations and reports about this subject. Read this article in and sit back in your dismayed zone until you can get your breath.

Here's a "Florida" moment for ya.

From the Palm Beach Post: "FEMA check for $1.69 adds insult to injury". This is so bizarre that you have to read it yourself. It's not torture enough to go through a major hurricane like Charley, but you then have to deal with the insanity of government bureaucracy.

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