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Saturday, August 21

Bitchin' On Saturday

by pissed off patricia

I just don't understand why the Vietnam Vets, who are still carrying a grudge against Senator Kerry's statements about the war made over thirty years ago, aren't more concerned about the war that is going on now in Iraq. Of all the people in the US, they should see the disaster that is going on now in this war, this day. Why aren't they equally angry at george bush for committing soldiers to a war based on a reason that didn't exist? Why aren't they outraged that once again our military is fighting and dying in another war that never should have been? They must remember what that was like, don't they?

I've tried and tried to figure this out. Their war has ended. This one has not.

There are some Vietnam vets who remember their war, and they apply their knowledge and lessons learned to the war of today. One such person is Jack Dalton. Jack writes about his feelings regarding this administration and this war. Hop over to Jack's website and read, "One Veteran's Outrage: John O’Neill’s Smear Campaign on John Kerry"

Drop Jack an email if you like, because he is one hell of a great guy.

Here's how one person described Jack Dalton.

"There I was, at a Portland peace rally, peacefully handing out anti-Coca-Cola flyers from the School of the Americas Watch booth, when there came this guy, zooming along in what appeared to be an electric wheelchair speed machine, pony tail flying in the wind, fringed boots, fringed leather jacket and an exceptionally excellent cowboy hat on his head. Screeched to a halt at the booth, accepted a flyer and nodded his agreement with the printed material which pointed out the Coca-Cola corporation’s misdeeds in Central and South America. All the while, little bolts of pain flickered across his face like dry lightening in an evening sky.

Turned out Jack was a Viet Nam Vet, physically a prisoner, at the mercy of his wheelchair’s eccentric electric system. And those flickers of pain from our first meeting were all too real. There were not only war inflicted muscular-skeletal injuries but also the internal ravages of full-blown Agent Orange disease, which sent its own army of predatory dioxide cannibals gnawing at his internal organs. This man’s physical body was at constant war with itself, so harshly, that when he joked, “The only thing that’s still working is my hair,” he laughed, but he wasn’t kidding. That was the physical man."
Don't you love him already?


Now for a bit more reading material. "Nick Coleman: Gospel, crosses and boos on cue"

Here's a teaser to get you going. "When the crowd didn't respond, Ingraham stepped back to the microphone to chide us: "You're supposed to BOO when I say the ACLU!" After that, boos came on all the proper cues."

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