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Tuesday, August 31

If you're ever in NYC and happen to visit Ground Zero, you will most likely meet the folks from They have been dealing with a lot of police hassling yet they are breaking no laws as the perimeter around Ground Zero is public property. Of course, you'll probably have to go to court to find this out because the police don't care what freedoms the constitution grants Americans. You can also watch a quicktime movie from June 2004 taken at Ground Zero.

Another interesting website to check out is the 9-11 Visibility Project.

The way I look at, if I was forced to hear, read and wallow in every detail of the former president's private sex life which I had no interest in whatsoever, then I feel that all citizens of this republic are entitled to have all of our questions answered concerning September 11, 2001. It affected everyone. I had to breathe it. I want to know the truth. I want to know what happened to WTC 7. Where was NORAD? I want to know why George Bush lied about seeing the first plane hit 2 times. I'm sick of the lies. I am sick of the GOP thinking they own 9/11.

Oh no they don't. How dare they.

The Real Anarchists

So today Rudy Guiliani told viewers on "The View" that people are either with him or with the nazi's and then he went on to tell viewers how lucky we were that Bush was preznit when terrorists hit NY on 9/11 because Al Gore wouldn't have known what to do. Of course Al Gore was only VP for 8 years and wouldn't have a clue who to call while Bush admirably demonstrated that he took cover in a school for over a half hour risking the lives of hundreds of children before he took off on his plane to an airforce base where a bunch of CEOs were having a golf outing in an underground bunker, but that was just a coincidence.

According to James C. Moore, Co-Author of "Bush's Brain" Karl Rove's plan is to get the Jews over to the Republican side because they want to take their money from the Democratic party. He wants tort reform so he can put rich lawyers who support Democrats out of business. He wants to put unions who support Democrats out of commission. Then he will continue to drain the national coffers off all the money until the government can no longer function and take care of its citizens. America will finally fail and become a Rovian, one party nation. Most people aren't paying attention to this. Will Rove win?

Rah Rah Bush! Rah Rah America!

It feels like we are living in a collection of dystopian novels happening all at once. The real anarchists are those who are in power right now.

It's First Lady Night! Woo, Woo

It's First Lady Night! Woo, Woo

Okay ladies, this is the big night we've all been waiting for. Tonight the grand lady of literature and education will speak to the RNC. Yes, that's correct girls, Laura Bush speaks in NYC at the RNC.

We've got to get ready. Lets get our hair up in the hair rollers so our curls will be just so for tonight. Have tons of hairspray on hand too. Find a cute little pastel, double knit, matchy, matchy pants suit and don't forget to get a scarf to match. Now for the most fun part, let's go find that cute little bibbed apron you absolutely must own. You know, the one with the ruffles on the shoulders. You still have time to launder it and iron it using lots of spray starch for that crisp clean look.

See, I wasn't kidding you, it's so much fun to get ready to listen to Laura. Just wait until you get all dressed and ready to sit down tonight to watch lovely Laura. You'll feel just like a woman of the 50's. Be sure to smooth out your apron as you sit down and keep your knees either tightly together or you legs crossed demurely. You will be all controlled and innocent. You will represent women who didn't have to use their minds for much of anything other than trying to look good and please their men. Just look lovely, obey, and keep your sweet shiny red lips shut tight.

Laura is getting ready for the big night too. The handlers are installing new batteries in her and programming her. She will walk out on the stage and smile to her comatose adoring fans. Laura's switch will then be turned on and she will look as though she is actually talking as she tells us what a hell of a swell guy she married. She'll tell us that "W" stands for "women". She won't tell us that in her "W's W- world" he wants to hit the default key and set women back to where they were about fifty years ago. She can be so coy that way. She will talk about her husband's faith and how he's been a gem of a dad to his two daughters that he seldom sees. She'll be such a little flirty vixen in her simplicity.

If, as Laura speaks, you begin to get a little nervous and uncomfortable about what you're hearing, don't fret. You should go into the kitchen and bake a batch of cookies for the kids, or maybe get your hubby another beer from the frig. Ask him if he'd like you to make him a sandwich or some other snack. See dears, when things get tough good women don't complain. The only thing a good woman does is spend her life trying to please those around her. Women shouldn't have ambitions they should just follow assignments. Thinking can be so disturbing and tiring. I'm sure Laura would agree.

On a little personal note, there isn't a gun big enough to make me watch this drool tonight. Any woman who would stay married to a man like george bush and not recognize what is happening to our country due to his idiotic choices, has nothing to say that I need to hear. Too bad there wasn't another pre-season football game on TV tonight. That's what I did last night, after we got our hurricane list completed, I got a shower, put on my comfy night clothes, enjoyed a couple of martinis and watched my Dallas Cowboys play the Tennessee Titans. The Cowboys won.

See, I'm not exactly the type person that Laura would want to hangout with. And damn, I'm sure proud of that!

More on New Yorker's POV

Half of New Yorkers Believe US Leaders Had Foreknowledge of Impending 9-11 Attacks and “Consciously Failed” To Act; 66% Call For New Probe of Unanswered Questions by Congress or New York’s Attorney General, a New Zogby International Poll Reveals

On the eve of a Republican National Convention invoking 9/11 symbols, sound bytes and imagery, half (49.3%) of New York City residents and 41% of New York citizens overall say that some of our leaders "knew in advance that attacks were planned on or around September 11, 2001, and that they consciously failed to act," according to the poll conducted by Zogby International. The poll of New York residents was conducted from Tuesday August 24 through Thursday August 26, 2004. Overall results have a margin of sampling error of +/-3.5.

It's probably more than half. They didn't ask me. Most everyone I know in New York except for the very uninformed and very naive believe that the Bush Admin knew exactly what was happening in New York on 9/11. The WTC Attack was Bush's Pearl Harbor and they aren't going to let us forget it this week.

More Bitchin': France's WMD

by pissed off patricia

Oops sorry, that should be Frances' WMD.

Okay class, get out your map of Florida. See the big hole in the southern part of the state? That's Lake Okeechobee, one damned big lake too. Now lay your ruler so that it is across the top edge of the lake and draw a straight line due east to the coast. Okay you have drawn a line to my home. I am six miles inland. Now look at the projected path of hurricane Frances. Yes siree, that middle line in the cone intersects with the line you drew to my house.

This explains why we were out last night getting a few more supplies, like extra water, pet food, horrible canned food that we hope to goodness we never feel compelled to eat, and of course more batteries. There is some sort of comfort in owning tons of batteries if you live in the hurricane zone. If Frances doesn't make some serious path changes, we will be putting up the storm shutters Thursday or Friday, depending on where the storm is located by then. We invested in these little jewels five years ago and if we have to put them up this week it will be the first time. Seemed all this time that just owning them was some sort of hurricane repellant, but now I'm starting to wonder if they’ve lost their magical powers.

A hundred and twenty-five plus miles an hour wind can blow away pretty much anything except the sidewalk, and it can neatly remove the roof of a home. If this should happen the two of us will be in our walk-in closet with Murphy, the medium sized dog, Fred the cat, who will be in a pet carrier and Lovey, the twenty year old white dove, who will also at that point be in a pet carrier. Most likely we will all be under the mattress taken from our bed. Now doesn't that sound cozy? It could be an interesting if not terrifying experience. I sure hope it doesn't happen.

Between now and the weekend we all wait and wonder. The Weather Channel will have lots of southern viewers this week. I dare say they will get more hits that the RNC from this neck of the woods.

Probably about Thursday or Friday I'll hang up my keyboard once again in the name of "hurricane preparedness", as we bring in all the patio and yard stuff and basically sweat to the music of fear, because we may be victims of Frances' Winds of Mass Destruction.


by blondesense and pissed off patricia

We are collectively disgusted at how rethuglican delegates mocked senator kerry's service. If Bush doesn't call off his dogs, he is only painting himself as a sicker and more desperate presidential candidate.

"This is the Republicans idea of "support American troops". Like small children they made fun of Senator Kerry's service to his country by wearing little purple heart bandages. Despicable!
Go fight in a war, come home and be made fun of. Despicable!"
-Pissed Off Patricia

"The hubris, the unmitigated gall and the collective spittle spat on the faces of the brave men and women who have served our country by republican delegates who support a most hawkish regime only goes to show you just how low the GOP values the military, their families and their service."

Via CNN and Kicking Ass

More Swift Lies

Another MUST READ today by Dana Milbank at the

"A Swift Shift in Stories"

Here's a little taste to make you hungry for more.
"Four days ago, retired naval Rear Adm. William L. Schachte Jr. seconded accusations made by the group Swift Boat Veterans for Truth seeking to discredit Democratic presidential nominee John F. Kerry's record in Vietnam. But since then, Democrats have discovered that Schachte is also a long-standing supporter of President Bush and a lobbyist whose client FastShip Inc. recently won a $40 million grant from the federal government."

Are you salivating yet? Go read it all. Chow down!

The RNC So Far

It's more like the NY Tourist Bureau Convention than the RNC so far. Seriously. Former Mayor Ed "how am I doing" Koch, a democrat, spoke at the convention, then former NYC mayor Rudy Guiliani a moderate republican gave a rah rah speech for NY, then we'll have Gov. Pataki who except for his death penalty, which hasn't been used yet and probably never will be used, is essentially a democrat compared to the Bushites. This is New York's PR Team. Even if they disagree with Bush politically, they won't tell because they are out to show the world that New York has come back since 9/11 thanks to Republican leadership. yawn. Rudy said on CNN this morning that he will always be mayor of NYC.

Moderate Republican speakers will be touting Bush as a good 'leader' because they can't really talk about how much they admire his social policies... and they had to think of something!

Rudy Guiliani and George Pataki are looking for some sort of future in national politics so they jumped on the Bush bandwagon although ideologically they have very little in common. New York is a far cry from Texas. Our republicans and their republicans are different animals. We have republocrats. I guess it's all politics because it makes no sense to a thinking person.

PS. What the hell is Don King doing at the RNC? He just called Bush a "white liberal". hahahahhahahhahaha. What's he been smoking?

Wow, it's A31 day in NY. Check it out.

UPDATE: I was just visiting Dark Window and Pete M., who slays me, has a lot to say about September 11th coming early this year. Ho ho ho.

The festivities will include John McCain reading some favorite passages from My Pet Goat and Rudy Giuliani hopping from one part of the stage to another to demonstrate how Mr. Bush so skillfully evaded the terrorists that day.

There's even talk that Zell Miller will hide behind the podium during his keynote address to remind voters of Dick Cheney's role after the attacks.


by pissed off patricia

~ Some quotes by the pretzelnit from Friday's New York Times article:

"He (the pretzelnit) said that in North Korea's case, and in Iran's, he would not be rushed to set deadlines for the countries to disarm, despite his past declaration that he would not "tolerate'' nuclear capability in either nation. (See, it's less scary to invade a country without nuclear weapons, oh say like, Iraq) He (the same pretzelnit ) declined to define what he meant by "tolerate.'' (Yeah, a definition would be nice to have here. Are American lives going to be involved? We need clues on this one.)

"I don't think you give timelines to dictators,'' Mr. Bush said, speaking of North Korea's president, Kim Jong Il, and Iran's mullahs. (He thought timelines were pretty neat when he was dealing with Saddam didn't he?) He said he would continue diplomatic pressure - using China to pressure the North and Europe to pressure Iran - and gave no hint that his patience was limited or that at some point he might consider pre-emptive military action." (Might we finish at least one of the two wars we are involved in before getting into another one or two?)

Too bad he didn't use this method when he was screaming and clawing to invade Iraq, huh? Maybe his decision and timing with Iraq was one of his misunderestimated miscalculations.

~ Speaking of miscalculations and flip flops, this from

"NBC said Bush's interview with Matt Lauer was taped Saturday in Ohio and will be broadcast in segments. In a segment run earlier today, Bush said he doubted the U.S. can win the war against terrorism. (Did he have these doubts when he sent almost 1000 soldiers to die in this war in Iraq?) Asked by Lauer if he can win it during a second four-year term in the White House, the president said, ``I don't think you can win it. (Refer to my last question.) But I think you can create conditions'' so that ``those who use terror as a tool are less acceptable in parts of the world.'' (And where exactly might that be?)

Okay, if you don't give timelines to dictators and you don't feel we can win the so called war on terror, then WTF have these last couple of years been all about? Why have so many American soldiers died? I am so hearing echoes of Vietnam, the other war we couldn't win. We gotta get this guy out of office before he causes any more damage at home and around the world. Bush clearly has been a "catastrophic success". He has been overly successful in creating multiple catastrophes.

~ Check out what Paul Krugman says today in the NY Times. This is the last paragraph in his piece:

"Yesterday Mr. Bush, who took a "winning the war on terror" bus tour just a few months ago, conceded that "I don't think you can win" the war on terror. But he hasn't changed the national security adviser, nor has he dismissed even one of the ideologues who got us into this no-win situation. Rather than concede that he made mistakes, he's sticking with people who will, if they get the chance, lead us into two, three, many quagmires. "

Quagmires are not good for the health of our country and they are especially dangerous for our soldiers. So while speakers drone on this week at the Republican convention and the audience chants "four more years", chant back at them, "no more quagmires". War should not be declared as a perk for a president's career, or a financially profitable convenience for big corporations. War is not something you declare, send your military to fight and die for and then tell your country it's something that will not end and cannot be won.

War has been bush's only claim to fame. Had it not been for the attacks of 9-11, he would probably already be gone. Before the attacks, he was looking pretty pathetic and the "war on terror" basically saved his ass from the fire. It worked so well for him that he kept it going by convincing the already edgy public that if he didn't declare war in Iraq we would suffer the same attacks all over again, but this time it would be Saddam calling the shots.

From 9-11 on, the citizens of the US have been so paranoid that they believe anything he tells them if he can work the words "attack", "kill", or "danger" into his reasoning. Nobody cares if the reasons are verifiable. All they seem to care about is that we kill anyone and everyone who could kill us. The insanity of his strategy is evident to most of us, but it seems to elude so many more. I would suggest that we are not experiencing the fog of war. We are experiencing the fallout of the convenience of war, and it is deadly.

Monday, August 30

Another one bites the dust

I've always had a hard time trying to figure out why there would be such a thing as a Log Cabin Republican. Actually it took this blonde a lot of googling to find out what it meant. Why not be a moderate Democrat if you're gay? Maybe they enjoy pollution? They enjoy despicable foreign policy? They enjoy fiscal irresponsibility? They like faux cowboys? They are all tremendously wealthy? well I don't know... anyway I just love it when another republican congressman is forced out of the closet especially, most especially, yes especially especially when they have a high christian coalition rating of 92% and co-sponsor the federal marriage amendment. Well maybe I don't love it. I love the idea of it, but I feel bad for the person.

My blondesense tells me that the reason that many conservatives are uptight, rather mean and judgmental is this: They have so much to hide. They are fearful of being themselves in public. Someone told them that they are not worthy of love and respect unless they conform to certain specifications. It must be painful as hell to not be able to love yourself because you're a conservative republican and your ideals are impossibly high.

Conservatives have to pretend that they are better than everyone else. It's impossible to pull it off 24/7. People who elect to pretend that they are better than everyone else usually have the most to hide. It's really quite sad. They deserve our prayers. God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.

Here's to Pissed Off Patricia

Today Patricia was published in Buzzflash mailbag!

Hi BuzzFlash,

Don't you think that when Nixon was trying to shut down Lt. Kerry's movement back in the early seventies, if there had been any question about Lt. Kerry's medals, Nixon would have brought it to light? Remember Nixon sought out John O'Neill to go up against Kerry because he wanted someone to counter Kerry's comments. Nixon was President and we all know he had no problem using his power any way he wanted. He wasn't stupid and I believe the first thing he would have done would have been to check out Kerry's service record. At that time O'Neill never mentioned anything about Kerry not earning his medals. Why does he do it now?

The following is a quote from an article by Michael Kranish, a staff writer for The Boston Globe (6-17-03): "I don't ever remember finding anything negative about Kerry or hearing anything negative about him," Colson said. "If we had found anything, I'm sure we would have used it to discredit him.

(Charles "Chuck" Colson was counsel to President Nixon)

pissed off patricia

Those were some very good points that "professional" journalists never bothered to think about. Bloggers have got it going on! Thanks for linking to blondesense!

Show us what democracy looks like!

More Bitchin'

by pissed off patricia

Many emotions circled around in me as I watched the protesters yesterday in New York. I had hoped there would be lots and lots and there sure were. When the cameras panned down the street and I saw that sea of people that seemed to reach into next week, I was amazed and excited. Then they started to march and chant and wave signs and you know what? I realized that I was crying. I think what made me cry was the realization that there were that many people from all over the US, and they thought just like I think. Maybe that's what a little lost whale feels like when it finds its own pod. Whatever, it felt so good.

Then as they marched in front of the Fox news studio they verbally expressed their, to put it politely, displeasure with Fox news. They even went so far as to leave little messages on the roadway for the Fox folks. The message was suggesting that intercourse was the proper action for Fox.

There was one lady protester who wore nothing above her waist but two little golden patches appropriately placed to cover two other little places on her breasts. I'm not sure what that was about but I hope she used a lot of sunscreen all around those two little golden patches.

Then the green dragon deal caught fire. The cops and firemen put out the fire and the march continued. (pictures)

The last group in the march carried lots and lots of cardboard, death-sized caskets draped in American flags. Pretty impressive display and pretty damn well on the mark, I might add.

So, did the giant protest march accomplish anything? Did it change any minds? I doubt it. But it sure did make the rest of us feel good to know that we aren't alone in our anger and confusion. It let us know that we aren't the only ones who are mad as hell, and the peacefulness of the march reaffirmed that we are good people who don't accept bad things. Another thing the march did was to show the rest of the world that not all Americans endorse what our country has become over the past four years. It told the world that not all Americans are war loving, lying, money-hungry, heartless pieces of shit. I think sending that message was important.

If anyone who attended that march yesterday reads this, thank you so very much. You really did show us what democracy looks like.

Just Say No To Bush

Hundreds of thousands of the faithful gathered in New York City on Sunday to remind the GOP that they are not packing for the rapture just yet.

"But of that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but the Father." -Mark 13:32

...especially not George Bush.


by pissed off patricia

What a weekend!

We had guests over to dinner Saturday night. We've known this couple for years and they are what I would call, deer in the headlights, Republicans. By that I mean that anytime anything is mentioned which in any way relates to politics, they just stare at you and don't say a word. I mean, they don't present their opinion, rather they go mute. God, that's frustrating. Of course my blackboard in my kitchen has "Kerry/Edwards 2004" written in big letters on it and little stars drawn all around the words. My frig sports a sign that says "Democrats Vote" accompanied by some little magnets, one of which states, "You're Certainly Entitled to Your Own Little Fucked Up View of Reality". Humm, come to think of it, maybe our guests were a little intimidated. lol

Sunday afternoon I was mesmerized as I was glued to the TV for four hours watching every minute of C-span's coverage of the NYC protest marchers. Best thing on TV in a long, long time. C-span didn't have a delay on the events or sound, so the viewers got to hear and see everything. C-span deserves a big round of applause for doing what TV used to do, and that's let us decide what we want to hear and see.

After enjoying the views of the protesters, my husband and I watched the video "Outfoxed". I had ordered it a couple of weeks ago from . There wasn't a lot new to learn but it nicely showed you what is happening as big news is being controlled by big biz. Scary, scary stuff. Today I have loaned out the video to friends and hopefully it will travel all over our area. If you haven't seen it yet, you should.

So this morning I arise to discover a category four hurricane has it's eye aimed at my area of Fla. Whew, what next? This just may not be a great week. Nothing will be on TV news but the Republican convention. A big storm is churning this way. They predict that if the hurricane does come here it will be sometime the later part of this week. I'm feeling more stressed than pissed today, because just as soon as I get to say goodbye to the damned convention coverage, I could well be saying, Hello Hurricane Frances!

See what I mean? Life just may not be much fun down here for the next several days. First it's gonna suck and then it's gonna blow.


Read this article by Eleanor Clift
Here's a little taste to get you going:
"My Republican mole on Capitol Hill says the green light has gone out to Republicans to do whatever it takes to get Bush elected. “This is the way we hold onto power,” he says with disgust."

Food For Thought

The Thinker

It started out innocently enough. I began to think at parties now and then to loosen up. Inevitably though, one thought led to another, and soon I was more than just a social thinker. I began to think alone-"to relax," I told myself-but I knew it wasn't true. Thinking became more and more important to me, and finally I was thinking all the time.

I began to think on the job. I knew that thinking and employment don't mix, but I couldn't stop myself. I began to avoid friends at lunchtime so I could read Thomas Paine, John Locke, and Adam Smith. I would return to the office dizzied and confused, asking, "What is it exactly we are doing here?"

Things weren't going so great at home either. One evening I had turned off the TV and asked my wife about the meaning of life. She spent that night at her mother's.

I soon had a reputation as a heavy thinker. One day the boss called me in. He said, " I like you, and it hurts me to say this, but your thinking has become a real problem. If you don't stop thinking on the job, you'll have to find another job." This gave me a lot to think about. I came home early after my conversation with the boss. "Honey," I confessed, "I've been thinking. . ."

"I know you've been thinking," she said, "and I want a divorce!"

"But Honey, surely it's not that serious."

"It is serious," she said, "You think as much as college professors, and college professors don't make any money, so if you keep on thinking we won't have any money!"
"That's a faulty syllogism," I said impatiently, and she began to shout.

I'd had enough. "I'm going to the library," I snarled as I stomped out the door. I headed for the library, in the mood for some Aristotle, with NPR on the radio. I roared into the parking lot and ran up to the big glass doors... They didn't open. The library was closed. To this day, I believe that a Higher Power was looking out for me that night. As I sank to the ground clawing at the unfeeling glass, whimpering, a poster caught my eye. "Friend, is heavy thinking ruining your life?" it asked. You probably recognize that line. It comes from the standard Thinker's Anonymous poster. Which is why I am what I am today: a recovering thinker.

I never miss a TA meeting. At each meeting we watch a non-educational video; last week it was "Porky's." Then we share experiences about how we avoided thinking since the last meeting. I still have my job, and things are a lot better at home.

Life just seemed .... easier, somehow, as soon as I stopped thinking. Soon, I will be able to vote Republican....

My good friend and neighbor, Pat sent me this gem this morning via email

Sunday, August 29

Lady Bush Speaks Out. Get Thee a Xanax. Get Thee A Double on the Rocks.

Laura Bush doesn't think it was very nice of John Kerry to say that her husband shouldn't have sat in the classroom for 7 minutes. "And I think what my husband did was perfectly appropriate. I think it was the right thing to do in front of the children." Bullshit. Kids are quite flexible. She should have paid attention to hers when they were growing up and she would know that. And apparently it was ok that the whole fucking country derided clinton for a bj in "front of the children".

Then the first lady went on to deride the protesters who will be in NYC: "We're all very lucky to live in a country where they have the right and opportunity to protest. As we look around the world, we know there are a lot of places that people don't have that right," the first lady said.

But then of course there are the tons of other countries where you CAN protest, biatch. This is NOT the only one. Aren't we getting tired of that line about that this is the only country where we have free speech? The Post says the Laura likes NY even though NY doesn't like her. She likes the designers in NY. Well isn't that special? She is just soooo in tune with typical Americans, now isn't she? Most NYers aren't event aware of who the fucking designers are. Somebody shoot me.

In an interview with Time, Laura is compared to Mamie Eisenhower who once said, "Ike runs the country; I turn the pork chops." I'm sorry, but you don't have to be a feminist to puke at the thought of what an insult that is.... unless of course you have been subject to some sort of lobotomy. She also told Time that the Swift Boat Vet ads weren't unfair. In that case, let's keep the ads coming against Bush. Where do I send my contribution?

She went on to explain that the reason she's against stem cell research is because it will take a long time to actually make it work. The cures won't be around the bend. So let me get this straight... we shouldn't bother to investigate something that would cure diseases because it will take too long? Does she know something we don't know? (Remember Bob Woodward reporting that Bush doesn't care what history will make of him, because we'll all be dead or that the Christian Right which is consulted by the WH is hell bent on armageddon and Jesus' return.)

"The first lady worries that America's political tone has gotten so nasty that "what we see people say about the presidential candidates — I don't think that's a really good role model for our children." " -NY Post

The First Lady of Stepford believes that we should pretend for the sake of our children that everything is just peachy keen. Of course when we get blindsided by an al Qaida attack again, they will just sit idly by and believe that there was just nothing anyone could do... we should expect our children to be so fucking dumb that they will somehow believe that the most 'powerful nation in the world' had no way to see that it was coming and there was no way that anything could be done to stop it. Perhaps Mrs. Stepford-Bush has already been tested and on medication under the president's mental health initiative. The only way on earth that our children will be stupid enough to buy this drivel is if they are severely drugged, ill informed, brainwashed, under-educated, drafted into the military and shot with viles full of unknown chemicals.

On one hand she's worried about illiteracy and on the other hand she doesn't want children to know anything.

Ya wanna know what the really sad sad thing about all of this is? And it's sad. Go away if you don't want to cry. I won't be mad...

...about half of this country feels this way. They've drunk the koolaid of willful ignorance. Bush didn't cause a retarded country. A retarded country caused Bush.

And in other typical contrary Republican news:

Former unpopular mayor and on his way out of NYC until after 9/11, Rudy Guiliani who is a pro-choice Republican and makes no bones about it and boringest NY governor ever, George Pataki who cut taxes, brought back the death penalty while supporting gay and abortion rights and gun control will be speaking on behalf of the GOP at the convention. WHA????? Read it again. Even Republicans in NY are not your typical Bush backing Republicans. There are no right wing christians up this way and if there are, they keep it to themselves. Most NYers (those with at least 2 brain cells to rub together of either party) are furious with Guiliani and Pataki for supporting Bush because of the way the administration shit on NY after 9/11.

....and yes, dammit, I am pissed off today. I read the paper today and they are trying to make us believe that everything is just fine and the protesters are somehow misguided fools. bah.

Say It Ain't So

Did you guys read this from CNN's Inside Politics? (it's down towards the bottom of the article)
And finally today, we offer you this unconfirmed gem of a rumor from the New York Post, our favorite newspaper in the whole wide world. Apparently the good folks at Page Six are told by their well-placed sources that GOP delegates are all abuzzagogg that Dick Cheney will resign at the convention for health reasons. That's right, he's gonna resign, sparking a prime-time floor battle that will result in a draft movement for Sen. John McCain, described by the Post as a "bigger war hero than John Kerry."

This better not be true. Although I wouldn't be surprised. It's from the NY Post though.

Saturday, August 28

Bush Lies About HIS Service

In 1978, Bush, while running for Congress in West Texas, produced campaign literature that claimed he had served in the US Air Force. According to a 1999 Associated Press report, Bush's congressional campaign ran a pullout ad in the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal that declared he had served "in the US Air Force and the Texas Air National Guard where he piloted the F-102 aircraft."

...He had only been in the Air National Guard. But when AP asked Bush if he had been justified in claiming service in the Air Force, Bush, then the governor of Texas and a presidential candidate, said, "I think so, yes. I was in the Air Force for over 600 days." ...

...Anyone in the Air National Guard is always considered a guardsmen and not a member of the active-duty Air Force, according to an Air Force spokeswoman in the Pentagon. A National Guard member may be called to active duty for pilot training or another temporary assignment and receive active-duty pay at the time, but they remain Guard members. -David Corn, The Nation
Here is a photograph published on the Presidential Library site of George H.W. Bush. We can clearly see that in this photograph taken sometime before his promotion to 1st Lt. in 1970, George W. Bush is wearing an Air Force Outstanding Unit Award (AFOUA) and a Small Arms Expert Marksmanship Ribbon (SAEMR) just below his pilot wings. According to a just-completed investigation by Walt Starr, Bush's unit (the 111th Fighter Intercept Squadron / 147th Fighter Intercept Group) did not receive its first AFOUA until 1975. For weeks, the media has put John Kerry's 5 medals under a microscope. Now we learn that George Bush was so ashamed of his undistinguished service record that he had himself photographed with a ribbon he NEVER earned. That makes Bush an IMPOSTOR.
USA TODAY: What explains the apparent gap in the president's Guard service in 1972-73, a period when commanders in Texas and Alabama say they never saw him report for duty and records show no pay to Bush when he was supposed to be on duty in Alabama?

Since February, the White House has banned all Guard and military commanders outside the Pentagon from commenting on Bush's records or service. Requests for information must go to the Pentagon's Freedom of Information Act office.

The Pentagon last week responded to a 4-month-old request from USA TODAY for additional records from Bush's files by sending another copy of documents that were released by the White House in February. The documents do not address the unexplained year in Bush's Guard service or his decision to stop flying.

The Associated Press filed a lawsuit this summer requesting copies of Bush's military records stored in a Texas archive on microfilm. It sought information that might explain why Bush did not take his flight physical and whether he showed up for duty in Alabama in the fall of 1972, AP spokesman John Stokes said.

Why do you think Bush's guard service is such a secret? Why do you think that the press is being so silent about the questions?

Oh What The Hell

A great big kick in the ass goes to Gwinnett County's Grayson High School in Georgia.

I live in the Town of Hempstead, NY. I grew up in the Village of Hempstead, NY. Apparently the school officials in Georgia have never heard of us as they sent a student home from school who sported a Tshirt that said "Hempstead, NY 516" thinking it related to drugs. 516 is the area code... ooooohhhhhh. does that relate to drugs too? The zip is 11550 as I recall.

Hempstead is the nation's largest township, with 759,000 residents spread across 22 villages and more than 142 square miles. That's right, we have almost a million people squished here .

You must have heard of us! We have very nice ocean beaches and bay beaches as well. Good sailing and boating. Great golf courses and good schools in some areas where the tax base is high. The schools suck where the tax base is mostly minority people. (Something should be done about that.) We have pretty good sanitation service and the roads get plowed in snow storms. I guess with all the news we have gotten lately, a lot of people have heard of us. I have tried to get one of those shirts to wear to NYC tomorrow but they are no where to be found now. Waldbaums supermarket in my area had them for a while and no one thought anything of it until this news story hit.

Thanks again to astute reader Paul for bringing this up to me. I read it in the paper yesterday and thought it was a hoot. Today in Newsday they have a picture of that toy with the plane and the towers that I posted yesterday. Wow. That's bad.

Start Spreading the News...

It's starting. You've no doubt heard about the nude protesters for AIDS. Last night the NYPD arrested 250 cycling protesters out of a possible 5,000 cyclers. You can see pictures of the arrests here.
It is illegal to ride your bike more than 2 abreast in NYC and you must stay in the bike lanes. What is usually a monthly Critical Mass bike ride turned into an anti-RNC protest. Imagine that! Here's a first hand account from a cyclist about some err um... police intimidation.

I have been hearing a lot of complaining on the news about the protesters disrupting the city. The right wingers are just furious. I kind of don't blame them for being pissed off at the disruptions if they in fact are city denizens trying to get from point A to Point B, however, I find it odd that they don't have a clue as to the enormity of pissedoffedness of American people. They keep branding everyone as radical liberals and anarchists, but they are so wrong. And these protests aren't only about electing Kerry. They just don't get it. It's all about being anti-fascism. Anti-Bush.

For years the media has been ignoring bush protests. The only possible way to get attention is for hundreds of anti-bush rallies to convene on the city with hundreds of thousands of protesters in attendence. Bush has asked for this for 4 years. He is so afraid of NY that he will just pop in to make his speech on Thursday and then fly right out.

The real people to watch out for and be wary of in NYC during the RNC are the neonazi right wing groups who will be there to protest the protesters. They will do all in their power to make the peaceful protests turn into a riot.

Hookers with STDs are already in NY getting ready for the republicans.

UPDATE: Astute reader, Paul brought it to my attention that you'd better not mount your placards on sticks and use NJ Transit. Sticks are never ever allowed on trains. Sticks can cause damage to the trains and others. Paul recommends an umbrella since they are much safer.

Bitchin' on Saturday

by pissed off patricia

Seems to me that it's time for the US to issue a recall for American apples.

Lately there have been just too many "bad apples". First we found a few of these "bad apples" abusing prisoners at Abu Ghraib. Now we know there were bushels of them. Then bush admitted that he had made some "miscalculations" before he gleefully invaded Iraq. And I'm guessing he based those miscalculations on a few bad apples in the white house. Last night we were told, first by CBS correspondent Lesley Stahl, that there is a very bad apple stench coming from within the office of the Secretary of Defense at the pentagon.

I demand we find the cause of this inordinate number of bad apples. Perhaps the wisest thing to do is to recall and trash all the apples and start a new orchard.

In the words of the little guys on South Park, I call bad apple "shenanigans" on the USA!

Speaking of South Park, I bet there are more than a few of our soldiers in Iraq who would agree with Cartman when he says, "Screw you guys, I'm going home." I wouldn't blame them a bit.

And the beat goes on.

BuzzFlash sent out an email last night. Here's what it said:
Former TX Lt. Gov. Barnes Admits on Video That He Got George W. Bush, Son of a Rich Man, Into the TX Air Nat'l Guard While Kerry Volunteered to Face Enemy Fire in Vietnam (See "Barnes on Patriotism" Video)," goes to the source for this video,

Go watch it. Former Texas Lt. Governor Barnes will tell you how he helped bush become an Olympic quality, dodge ball pro. Yes siree, this is how bush managed to jump ahead of all the poor suckers who were fairly awaiting their chance to get into the Air National Guard. The draft ball was rolling george's way, so Lt. Governor Barnes helped him dodge a ticket to Vietnam. Meanwhile, that wily John Kerry volunteered to go to Vietnam, but that doesn't count, because according to some angry vets, Kerry didn't bleed enough when he was injured. What a wimp! If, heaven forbid, Senator Kerry had been killed in Vietnam, would he now be dead enough? I wonder about this because there are those who question Max Cleland's patriotism, and this guy lost three limbs in that war. Sorry Max, a real patriot would have lost all four limbs. With your one unpatriotic remaining arm, roll you wheelchair to the back of the patriotism line.

In my opinion, anyone who went to that war, and most especially anyone who volunteered to go to that hellacious war, deserves whatever the hell awards he received. Just the fact that someone volunteered would make me want to give him a whole sack full of bravery awards. Then to go and be injured, I don't care if they bled a teaspoon of blood or a pint, gets them another ton or so of ribbons and medals. Americans were dropping like leaves on a crisp Autumn day during that war. So, anyone who volunteered for a mission like that is, in my book, not only a hero but one hell of a human being. They not only deserve all the medals they received and more, they deserve respect. But, and this a big but, if you could get a Lt. Gov. of your state to help you dodge the draft ball, well hell, you get to be president of the United States of America. You get to declare your very own damned war and you get to send men and women into another senseless bloody war while you boast of victory like a kid with a new sack of plastic green toy soldiers. You get to sit home safe and sound, and watch this war just like you did over thirty years ago - sit home safe and sound while others are dying.

So here's the core of the story. If you volunteer to go to war and receive awards, that my dear is questionable. But if you cheat and avoid the draft, you get the white house and all the amenities that go with it. How do you like those apples?

A couple of other items may draw your interest. First, did you know there was prison abuse during interrogations at Abu Ghraib? You are probably replying, "Yes, Patricia I know it and my cat and dog know it too." Well I, along with my pets, know it as well, but apparently one of us should have called Don Rumsfeld and clued him in on these facts. Seems old Don hasn't been paying attention to the investigations and reports about this subject. Read this article in and sit back in your dismayed zone until you can get your breath.

Here's a "Florida" moment for ya.

From the Palm Beach Post: "FEMA check for $1.69 adds insult to injury". This is so bizarre that you have to read it yourself. It's not torture enough to go through a major hurricane like Charley, but you then have to deal with the insanity of government bureaucracy.

Friday, August 27

Espionage Investigation

FBI Probes Pentagon Spy Case

The FBI believes it has "solid" evidence that the suspected mole supplied Israel with classified materials that include secret White House policy deliberations on Iran.

(CBS) CBS News has learned that the FBI has a full-fledged espionage investigation under way and is about to -- in FBI terminology -- "roll up" someone agents believe has been spying not for an enemy, but for Israel from within the office of the Secretary of Defense at the Pentagon.

60 Minutes Correspondent Lesley Stahl reports the FBI believes it has "solid" evidence that the suspected mole supplied Israel with classified materials that include secret White House policy deliberations on Iran.

At the heart of the investigation are two people who work at The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), a powerful pro-Israel lobby in Washington.

The FBI investigation, headed up by Dave Szady, has involved wiretaps, undercover surveillance and photography that CBS News was told document the passing of classified information from the mole, to the men at AIPAC, and on to the Israelis.

CBS sources say that last year the suspected spy, described as a trusted analyst at the Pentagon, turned over a presidential directive on U.S. policy toward Iran while it was, "in the draft phase when U.S. policy-makers were still debating the policy."

This put the Israelis, according to one source, "inside the decision-making loop" so they could "try to influence the outcome."

The case raises another concern among investigators: Did Israel also use the analyst to try to influence U.S. policy on the war in Iraq? read the rest

UPDATE by Astute Patricia: here is a lot more on this investigation. It gets all twisty now.

Holy Cow!

The toy was recalled.

This week in God: God is not a Republican.

Miss Pissed Off Patricia asked that I repost this. It was originally posted on August 19th. It is important.

From Sojourners:

God is not a Republican.
Or a Democrat.

Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, and others on the Religious Right claim that God has taken a side in this election, and that Christians should only vote for George W. Bush. The Bush-Cheney campaign even told volunteers it was their "duty" to make church directories available to the campaign.

How has the love of Jesus, the Prince of Peace - and his good news to the poor - been distorted by the pro-war, pro-rich political agenda of the Religious Right? Our faith has been hijacked, and it's time to take it back!

Click here to sign our petition and send a message to America that God is not a Republican or a Democrat, and that the Religious Right does not speak for you. Remind America that Jesus taught us to be peacemakers, advocates for the poor, and defenders of justice.

With your help, Sojourners will also place a full-page advertisement in The New York Times, followed by local newspaper and online ads across the United States.

Please forward this message to your family and friends. Tell faithful citizens to make their voices heard. Sign the petition, support the campaign, and spread the word. Together we can take back our faith!

Watch the flash video!

Sentient Non-Idiots For Kerry

Mark Morford:

Sentient Non-Idiots For Kerry
Repubs pick a fight about Vietnam while Bush ruins America right now? Is the nation drunk?

And isn't it funny how at least 13 members of Congress have actually requested that the United Nations monitor this year's U.S. presidential election...

And isn't it even more funny how, when firebrand U.S. Rep. Corrine Brown, from Florida, brought the issue up on the floor of Congress, she was actually shouted down by the Republicans, scolded that she was out of order and told her comments should be stricken from the record?

....And isn't it hilarious how the absolute worst thing the Right has been able to dredge up about John Kerry is that he might sort of maybe have exaggerated some facts about his various Vietnam medals and acts of and valor and deeds of astounding heroism...

...So, let's see: Bona-fide war hero turned incredibly articulate, educated, gifted Vietnam War protester and respected senator on one side, alcoholic AWOL failed-businessman born-again pampered daddy's boy evangelical Christian on the other. Is this really the contest? Bush slugs gin and tonics like Evian while Kerry is accused of ... what again? Not being incredibly heroic enough? Wow.

Wow is right. Great piece by Mark today.

Mommy, was there ever a smart or good republican president?




Not in my lifetime, honey. No.

Mom, was Reagan evil?



Not sure, honey. I believe he was out of his mind. When grandpa got alzheimers, don't you remember everyone saying that Reagan must have had alzheimers too cause their behavior seemed the same? In the early stages, they could put on a good show, but there was something just a bit off. It seemed scripted and somehow familiar.

Mom, is Bush evil or just dumb?

I think both honey. Well maybe he isn't evil on purpose, he just lacks the intellectual capacity to comprehend what he is doing because he is blinded by his hatred of his father. If hatred and revenge are evil, then I suppose he is.

Mom, then how did Reagan and Bush get to be president?

That's easy. Smart and evil people with the PR skills of Bill Gates run the show from behind the scenes. If they nominated an intelligent man, they wouldn't be able to control the country because an intelligent person wouldn't put up with it.

Mom, what's all this god talk with the republicans?

That's a more complicated question. Remember I used to ask the next door neighbors who were very involved in local republican politics and our church, how they were able to reconcile being Catholic and Republican? They just would reply with a pat answer from the bible taken completely out of context. Willfully ignorant people try to justify their prejudices and fears by hiding behind the bible and blaming everything on god's will.

Anyway, you really don't have to be smart to be the president. The president doesn't really run the show. Remember what happened to our last president who actually was smart and tried to run the show? He was vilified daily.

Mom, how come bush has a good chance of being re-elected if he is so dumb and if his religion is all screwed up?

Read this honey. I have to vacuum now.

Life In the Future

Well it's the future and my dad's words sometimes haunt me. He did speak of the cashless and checkless society which we are having more or less with ATM cards and especially with them hooked up to MC and Visa. But he also spoke about shorter work weeks because of the advent of computers. All this talk was in the early 60's. We had the World's Fair in NY around '64 and '65 and several pavillions were very futuristic. By the year 2000, we would be living the good life. Pressing buttons and having lots of leisure time to fly around in our hover craft.

Years later, I guess in the 70's and then in the early 90's I went to Epcot Center in Disney World where I visited every pavillion in that first part before you get to the nations of the world . I can remember remarking to my companions that "I have seen the future and I don't like it." It all looked very fake to me. Well it's the future and it seems to be the same old shit only worse.

Check out this article from a magazine in 1961: Will life be worth living in the year 2000 AD? It's so typical of what I remember from that era: The future would be positively boring... if there is a future.

Bitchin': When It Comes to Joining the Military, Just Say No or Be Prepared

by pissed off patricia

Hey kids, hopefully you won't join the military, as it's a damned dangerous occupation. Almost 1,000 of their members have been killed just since we invaded Iraq, and thousands more have been injured. There are also soldiers being killed and wounded in Afghanistan.

Here's another reason not to join. If you do join and you see anything corrupt or just plain wrong that other military men and women are doing, don't tell anyone about it. That could get you in trouble for the rest of your life. For evidence of this, look at the young man who blew the whistle on the prisoner abuses in Iraq. He has had death threats, and he has to have personal protection because apparently someone thinks good soldiers should always keep their mouth shut, no matter what. See, it doesn't pay to be a humanitarian during times of war or even after. Look at Senator Kerry. He came home from a war, described what other soldiers said they had done, and presto chango, he is called a traitor to the soldiers for thirty some years. I guess you could call it a don't see, don't tell, don't ask policy.

I know it sounds confusing because you've heard that our troops are our finest treasure, and you would think that any soldier who served his country in times of war would be respected for his volunteer service, but you just might be wrong. See, the public will support you as a soldier as long as it benefits them and makes them look patriotic, but when they are through with you, they'll allow the press to grind you up.

Also kids, if you go to war and save a fellow soldier's life don't think that action will garner you respect, because thirty some years after you perform your heroic deed there may be some who will deny what you did and go so far as to call you a liar. It won't matter that your records prove you were a good soldier and did indeed save a life. See, the public is eager to question something that happened years ago because it's easier than questioning what is happening today. If they question your involvement, they won't have to face their own involvement in supporting a war that never should have occurred. The public will wrap up their own shame and blame and try to lay it right on you. People are fickle that way. They will go pretty far in order to avoid facing their own truths.

And finally kids, if you join the military and go to war don't think the military will always be there for you. If you get injured, they'll see to your wounds but once you're out of the military, well they aren't all that concerned about your future. Ask any vet, really ask them. They'll tell you all about it.

So kids, please think long and hard before you join the military. And if you decide to pass that recruiter and not sign on the dotted line, it's okay. No one cares if you don't serve. But if you do join up with the military, be prepared to have to defend yourself for the rest of you life. Ask Max Cleland and John McCain and Senator Kerry what it's like to have your military reputation questioned and disputed by the public. Ask them which war wounds hurt the most. Was it the ones they received in battle from the enemy or the ones they are receiving at home everyday from the so-called patriotic public, the other enemy?

Okay kids, it's up to you. If you join the military to fight for your country, that's your decision. If after you serve in the military, you pursue a political career in order to serve your country in yet another way, you may very well expect many in your country to actually fight against you. We honor dead soldiers, and ironically we can make a surviving soldier's life miserable by leveling unfounded, accusations at him for the rest of his life. If you die in war we'll give you a flag, but if you survive we just might give you hell. You might be willing to fight for your country, but don't be so sure that your country will always be willing to fight for you.


Check this out before it goes away.

Nice house for sale. Check out 3rd picture.

UPDATE: It's gone but I saved it. heh.

Thursday, August 26

Welcome to New York, Now Go Home

(Sung to Tune of New York, New York)
parody by Blonde Sense

Start spreading the news Arrive here Sunday
You want to be a part of it, New York, New York

Tell those GNC fools, We don't want them to stay
We'll show them what we think of them, New York, New York

I want to wake up in the city that never sleeps
To find the GOP gone, gone to the heap

Those right wing goons, Who hate freedom will say
Let's get the dang hell out of here, New York, New York
Cause they won't make it there, Won't make it anywhere,
We love freedom, New York, New York.

GOP Hates NY

New York Post explains how Dennis Hastert in his book said the Big Apple was guilty of an "unseemly scramble" for cash after Sept. 11 and he wrote that at the time of the attacks, it was impossible to calculate the cost, continuing, "but already we heard voices asking, 'Who's going to pay for this? How much will it cost?' "

""I want to let Hastert know we want our FDNY cap back," fumed Councilman Peter Vallone Jr., referring to the baseball cap given to Hastert three years ago when the powerful Illinois lawmaker toured Ground Zero shortly after the 9/11 attacks."

New York politicians are pissed to say the least. Apparently it's ok to ask about how much Iraq is costing us or how much hurricane charley will cost Florida. The attack on NY is a result our foreign policy and duh, of course NY is going to want money to rebuild and deserves every damn penny.

I'm fuming now. Don't forget to cough in the faces of delegates in NYC.

Why oh why are theycoming here?

Are you better off today than you were 4 years ago?

I'm pretty sure at least 1.3 million Americans would say, "Hell No!" Check it out here:

"WASHINGTON (CNN) - The number of Americans living in poverty jumped to 35.9 million last year, up by 1.3 million, while the number of those without health care insurance rose to 45 million from 43.6 million in 2002, the U.S. government said in a report Thursday."

What's a Fired Faux Cowboy To Do?

More Bitchin'

by pissed off patricia

What's a Fired Faux Cowboy To Do?

What do you think george bush will do after we kick him and his band of bandits our or OUR white house. What job might he get next?
We know for sure he won't go on a speaking tour like President Clinton did, because well, he isn't a speaker.
We know for sure he won't write his life story like President Clinton did, because well, he isn't a writer.
So what will he do? Tell me what you think. We need to give him some job leads.

Sacred Artifacts in Peril from Iraq to Israel

Newsweek has excellent articles in the current issue and online about the treasures in Iraq being looted, destroyed and sold on the black market. Much of what lies beneath Iraq tells the story of civilation.

Beneath the sands and silt of Iraq, for millennium after millennium, truths have waited to be pieced together about these legendary places that loom so large in the faith and culture of Jews, Christians and Muslims. "This is where the first writing began, where the first ideas of law and religions were written down," says archeologist McGuire Gibson at the University of Chicago. Golden calves, winged bulls and rampant lions have emerged from the dust...

...In Israel, much care is taken to preserve the slightest trace that might reveal literal truths about the mystical teachings of scripture. The tragedy of Iraq is that contexts are disappearing as fast as the objects themselves. -Unearthing the Bible

In an article, Saving Eden, we learn more of the looting of Iraq's treasures.

Now, every day and every night, the record beneath the sands is being destroyed. In what have become the lawless wilds of occupied Iraq, the history of civilization is being pillaged on an epic scale for a black market where irreplaceable fragments of our past are sold to museums, to sophisticated collectors or just to the highest bidder on e-Bay.

There are lots more articles on the right hand sidebar at Newsweek online. I know that there is a lot to worry about these days, but the history geek in me wishes that our people currently in Iraq would understand the importance of its history as much as they would respect the enormity of archeological finds in Israel. Both countries hold the answers to many unanswered questions.

Years ago when I was in the seminary and broke, I was dying to work on a dig in Israel. Now that I can afford to go on a dig, I'm scared shitless to go to the middle east. What else is new? We need peace in the middle east desperately. Beware of christian zionists. They have no intention of bringing about peace between Israel and Palestine. They'd like to see it destroyed in war so that Jesus will come again.

A Guide to NY

71% of registered New York City voters believe protesters should be allowed to rally in Central Park despite what the judge says. (Supposedly they are worried that protesters will wreck the grass but they are not worried when music lovers wreck the grass). 81% approve of lawful demonstrations during the convention, and 68% approve of nonviolent civil disobedience. An underwhelming 25% of New Yorkers approve of bush. NYC police plan to be flexible when it comes to protesters who show up in Central Park. They really have to make sure that they don't arrest the wrong people or it would be the end of Bloomberg's mayoral career for sure.

Hey Newsday has a snarky convention weblog. Cool. It's quite informative: tells you which streets will be closed, that you better be good at holding your bladder, etc.

Here's a link to the Newsday Convention Coverage page. Very informative and delightfully subversive if you ask me. You can get information on what hotels the delegates are staying in, which big shots will be in town (not a hell of a lot of bona fide celebrities) and there is a guide to understanding the natives. I like this article because it's bogus. I hope the delegates read it. heh.

Mayor Bloomberg wants New Yorker to behave! Yes daddy.

Gov. George "I live upstate in Albany and I don't have a clue" Pataki says, ""I've had people, as I've been around the country, say, 'Should I come here the week of the convention?' The answer is unequivocally yes," he said. "I will be here, my wife, Libby, will be here, our kids are going to be here as much as it can fit in with their school schedule, because this is the safest large city in America. And next week, it will be as safe as any place in America can possibly be."

Does he know that NYC Cops are protesting too?

And Jimmy Breslin, who actually knows a few things about Manhattan remarked that police are heavily guarding an asphalt lot, their own police stations and ignoring the Natural Gas pipelines in You Think We're Safe? That's a Real Gas

Another article quotes NY denizens as saying they haven't seen police in the right places.. like subways: "Right around Times Square, around Toys 'R' Us, I saw body-armed guards with the helmets and the body armor. That, and the dogs, kind of scared me," he said. "At least the toys are going to feel safe."

Commuters and vendors at the Port Authority bus terminal said they have noticed a smaller-than-usual number of uniformed police there over the past two weeks.

"I've seen maybe two cops [in the terminal]; maybe the rest are undercover," said Chris Jones, 41, a chemical operator from Paterson, N.J. "I've been standing here one hour and haven't seen any cops."

The absence of uniformed officers is enough to make Jones want to avoid Manhattan during the convention. "With the [lack of] security I see now, I won't take a chance," he said.

Alrighty then.

I cannot find the photo online of the NYPD guarding a Victoria's Secret Store. When I do, I will post it right away.

If you do come to NYC, eat local pizza. No chains.

Homeland Security T-shirt

This is the ultimate Homeland Security T-shirt folks.

click for larger view.


by pissed off patricia

Okay, this breaks the sound barrier in the stupid zone.

Thank goodness Greg Palast's newsletter turned us on to this one. I mean come on now. What the heck are these folks doing with their brains? Obviously they aren't using them to think rationally. This article is linked from the website.
You might want to check that website out too.

Anyway, here's a "set you hair on fire" comment from this bizarre article:

"New York City is a place renowned for coddling no one — tourists, babies, old people. And yet, its new mayor, a Boston transplant, plans to coddle these junior terrorists." (I added the bold type here, but the words are the author's original igorance.)

See? I knew it was bound to happen. The word "protesters" is morphing into "terrorists". I don't remember that happening in Boston, do you?

This article also mentions a plan by protesters to turn loose an army of mice to scare the beejeesus out of the delegates. Weapons of Mice Destruction? Damn, whose idea was this? It's so easy when you think about it. According to some folklore the only thing all elephants are deeply terrified of is a mouse. Beware folks in New York, there is also word that there's gonna be a food fight too.

Get out the popcorn and the adult beverages, tune in the convention next week cause this is going to be interesting, if not a little bit entertaining. Mice and pies and protesters, oh my!

Oh I get it now

Um yes. Now I understand why all the guys I know were busy watching beach volleyball on the olympics.

You can view all the hot beach volleyball pics at Yahoo. There are hundreds of them.

I enjoy a good ballsy sport myself....

like ping pong.

How about Tomato Hurling in the next Olympics?

Looks juicy!

Wednesday, August 25

More Bitchin' and More Bitchin'

by pissed off patricia

My take on the showdown today between Max Cleland and the Faux Cowboy.

(Imagine the music from any Clint Eastwood cowboy movie playing in the background.)

Max, don't give me no crap, Cleland, rolled in to Crawford Texas today and he rolled right up to Faux George Cowboy bush's bunkhouse. Max yelled, "Faux Cowboy, I'm calling your sorry ass out" Max waited as the clock stuck noon. No sign of the Faux Cowboy. Max yelled again, "Come on chicken shit, I've got a message for you. I know you're in there." Still no sign of the Faux Cowboy. Max waited in the hot Texas sun. The Cowboy never showed his head outside the bunkhouse.

Max was disgusted as he rolled away into the sunset. The Faux Cowboy was too afraid to come face to face with a real veteran gunslinger. Max had rolled away but his shadow stayed behind and his words echoed over the prairie. Max proved once again that bravery and guts are what it's all about. The Faux Cowboy proved once again that he had neither.

The end


Cleland Tries to Deliver Letter to Bush

More Bitchin'

by pissed off patricia

In a comment under Jaye's piece "Uppity Texas Woman Wants The Courts Open to Everyone!" Liz made the following statement:

"It seems that since we got a faux cowboy as in the white house the country is going to hell along with the constitution.
Has anyone noticed that he talks like he's in a western movie? He's all twangy now and darn tootin' and all that? What the hell is going on? He doesn't stand up straight.. he hangs over the podium, leaning on it like he needs it to hold him up... he's trying to be one of the guys?"

Whew, I'm glad she said that, because I have been thinking the same exact thing. Maybe it's a blonde thing or something. Anyway, I thought that perhaps I was just so anti-bush that I was imagining it. This Ya hoo cowboy shit showed itself again yesterday when he came out of his secure hiding hole at the "ranch" with his band of bandits. He was walking like he had just dismounted from his horse, which he had been riding since birth. Of course we know it's not true, but that's how it looked. I expected him to strap on a toy six-shooter and show us his fast draw. Jeez louise, it would be freakin' comical if it weren't so freakin' weird.

Lately when he's doing his stump speeches he walks and stands like a Neanderthal. He looks like he hasn't quite evolved yet to the walking upright family of apes. Maybe he's regressing back to his roots, his primate roots.

I think we better keep an eye on this little buckaroo, because it seems something is happening here, and what it is isn't exactly clear. Maybe he's become a transformer instead of a uniter. He sure as hell has transformed our country in the last four years, hasn't he? We have been transformed from a country respected to a country repulsed by the rest of the world. Thanks, you silly assed little faux gunslinger.

Perhaps in george's little cowboy/cowpoke world we might see the following scene:

(Picture the fake cowboy or the real primate with his swagger and his drawl.)

He rides into town, gets off his trusty steed, and swaggers across the dusty street to the local saloon. He throws open the swinging doors of the saloon and then for no reason at all, he draws both his guns from his hip holster and blows the place and everyone inside to pieces. He turns around, walks back out through the swinging doors, casually blows the smoke away from his still smoking gun barrels and says, "That's how you keep the peace!"

I wonder....

If this

Q We have a battle here on this land, as well. And I would like to know, sir, from your heart -- I don't want to know what your advisors say, or even what your top advisor thinks -- but I need to know what do you think about homosexual marriages.

THE VICE PRESIDENT: Well, the question has come up obviously in the past with respect to the question of gay marriage. Lynne and I have a gay daughter, so it's an issue that our family is very familiar with. We have two daughters, and we have enormous pride in both of them. They're both fine young women. They do a superb job, frankly, of supporting us. And we are blessed with both our daughters.

With respect to the question of relationships, my general view is that freedom means freedom for everyone. People ought to be able to free -- ought to be free to enter into any kind of relationship they want to. The question that comes up with respect to the issue of marriage is what kind of official sanction, or approval is going to be granted by government, if you will, to particular relationships. Historically, that's been a relationship that has been handled by the states. The states have made that basic fundamental decision in terms of defining what constitutes a marriage. I made clear four years ago when I ran and this question came up in the debate I had with Joe Lieberman that my view was that that's appropriately a matter for the states to decide, that that's how it ought to best be handled.

The President has, as result of the decisions that have been made in Massachusetts this year by judges, felt that he wanted to support the constitutional amendment to define -- at the federal level to define what constitutes marriage, that I think his perception was that the courts, in effect, were beginning to change -- without allowing the people to be involved, without their being part of the political process -- that the courts, in that particular case, the state court in Massachusetts, were making the judgment or the decision for the entire country. And he disagreed with that. So where we're at, at this point is he has come out in support of a federal constitutional amendment. And I don't think -- well, so far it hasn't had the votes to pass. Most states have addressed this. There is on the books the federal statute Defense of Marriage Act passed in 1996. And to date it has not been successfully challenged in the courts, and that may be sufficient to resolve the issue. But at this point, say, my own pre

has anything to do with this...., one of America's leading online news services, is conducting an urgent national online poll.
Should Dick Cheney Be Replaced?
NewsMax will provide the results of this poll to major media, Congress, the president, and key members of the administration. Additionally, NewsMax's results will be shared with every major radio talk show host in America. NewsMax reports have been cited by national major media, including Fox News, CNN and MSNBC.


by pissed off patricia

It's time to have some fun!

Here's a reason to watch bush's speech at the GOP convention. No really, this will be fun. Take this quiz and then watch the speech to see if your predictions come true.

Dana Hork has the contest up for predictions about the GOP convention. This one will make you laugh out loud. Go visit , enter the contest and have fun. We need lots more fun these days and thanks to Dana we can have some.

Here's what it's all about:

"Either read for fun, or enter the "Republican National Convention Chief Political Pundit" contest by submitting the form to me online no later than Thursday, Sept. 2nd at 3pm EST. I will score the quizzes, and the pundit with the highest score will get to choose from a list of prizes including:

- John Kerry Flip Flops -
- George W. Bush Jack in the Box -
- Any Best Selling Hard Cover Politico Book -
- And Other Politico Goodies

The quiz contains 50 brief questions, covering ONLY George W. Bush's speech scheduled for the night of Sept. 2nd. I have written questions with a varying degree of difficulty to allow everyone from the politically savvy to the politically clueless to participate. (The quiz takes about 10 minutes to fill out)."

Bush Hates New York Redux... again

Blondesense says: Please direct your coughs into the faces of RNC delegates to remind them how safe the air was after 9/11.

Just when I thought I was done ranting about how much BushCo and the whole RNC hates the guts of New York and New Yorkers (read my previous post on this topic if you haven't already) and have Guiliani, Pataki and Bloomberg fully drunk on Koolaid, astute reader, resident co-smart ass and blondesense contributor, Jaye pointed out a great article by the Village Voice, probably the only good paper in NY: A presidential potpourri of cuts, blunders, stonewalls, deceptions, and distractions "The 10 Ways Bush Screwed New York" by Wayne Barrett, special reporting by Daniel Magliocco. Read it for sure. If the hypocrisy doesn't make you want to scream, I don't know what will.

Richard Cranium at The All Spin Zone has an article that really hit home... If search and rescue dogs from 9/11 are dead from cancer, how long will it take till human denizens of the city will be dropping dead?

BTW: New Yorkers are great people. Don't be afraid of them when you visit. A writer purposely lost 5 wallets in one day. 4 were returned intact the same day.

Speaking of 'God Bless America"

This song just popped into my head after reading Jaye's post.
With God On Our Side
by Bob Dylan
Copyright © 1963;

Oh my name it is nothin' My age it means less
The country I come from Is called the Midwest
I's taught and brought up there The laws to abide
And that land that I live in Has God on its side.

Oh the history books tell it They tell it so well
The cavalries charged The Indians fell
The cavalries charged The Indians died
Oh the country was young With God on its side.

Oh the Spanish-American War had its day
And the Civil War too Was soon laid away
And the names of the heroes I's made to memorize
With guns in their hands And God on their side.

Oh the First World War, boys It closed out its fate
The reason for fighting I never got straight
But I learned to accept it Accept it with pride
For you don't count the dead When God's on your side.

When the Second World War Came to an end
We forgave the Germans And we were friends
Though they murdered six million In the ovens they fried
The Germans now too Have God on their side.

I've learned to hate Russians All through my whole life
If another war starts It's them we must fight
To hate them and fear them To run and to hide
And accept it all bravely With God on my side.

But now we got weapons Of the chemical dust
If fire them we're forced to Then fire them we must
One push of the button And a shot the world wide
And you never ask questions When God's on your side.

In a many dark hour I've been thinkin' about this
That Jesus Christ Was betrayed by a kiss
But I can't think for you You'll have to decide
Whether Judas Iscariot Had God on his side.

So now as I'm leavin' I'm weary as Hell
The confusion I'm feelin' Ain't no tongue can tell
The words fill my head And fall to the floor
If God's on our side He'll stop the next war.

Bob Dole Should Know

From "Unlimited Partners: Our American Story," by Bob and Libby Dole 1988. Page 59:

"As we approached the enemy, there was a brief exchange of gunfire. I took a grenade in hand, pulled the pin, and tossed it in the direction of the farmhouse. It wasn't a very good pitch—remember, I was used to catching passes, not throwing them. In the darkness, the grenade must have struck a tree and bounced off. It exploded nearby, sending a sliver of metal into my leg—the sort of injury the Army patched up with mercurochrome and a Purple Heart."

Via Village Voice

Tuesday, August 24

Uppity Texas Woman Wants The Courts Open to Everyone!

We have a bona fide fight between the constitutionalists and the fundamentalists in Texas.

We have a Bible in a glass case in front of the Civil Courthouse in Houston. A constitutionalist, also known as a woman with a brain, sued to have the Bible removed because it violates the separation of church and state. She is an attorney and is familiar with the Constitution and the First Amendment to the Bill of Rights. A federal judge said remove the Bible.

For doing her duty, she has received death threats.

The fundamentalists are angry that this educated woman wants the courthouse to be for everyone, not just Christians. The Bible is there to celebrate the good works of a fellow who supported the Star of Hope a do good charity that helps feed and shelter people. The fundies do not want the Bible moved, to say, the front of the Star of Hope shelter, but want it front and center at the courthouse where brief cases and Diet Coke cans routinely rest upon it's holy Plexiglas (c) surface.

The issue exactly frames the election. Are we a nation of laws or are we a nation of a threatening minority? Mob rule or the rule of law? These people sincerely believe they are on a mission from Gawd. Making fun of them only minimizes their threat. They mean to put this nation "back" on some track on which this nation never was. And they will kill abortion doctors or women attorneys to do it.

It doesn't matter what the religious beliefs of the founders were. What matters is they thought enough of you to make it possible for you to make your own choices without the government or some dangerous minority making your choices for you. They were even concerned about the tyranny of the majority crushing the rights and the lives of those who dare to disagree.

How are you going to subvert the tyranny?

Update: A federal appeals court has given a reprieve to a monument displaying a Bible outside the Harris County Civil Court House in downtown Houston.

A three-judge panel of the New Orleans-based U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals stayed a lower federal court judge's ruling that the display, located at 301 Fannin, be removed by the end of Tuesday.

The stay remains in effect until all appeals are exhausted in the case.

"I'm elated. I said, 'Praise God,'" A local preacher said.

Bible supporters celebrated Tuesday after the reprieve was made public.

"They made the right decision. God answered prayer," a supporter said.

preznit won't condemn swift boat liars

The president didn't really condemn the Swift Boat Liars at all. The President has basically said, according to his press secretary, that both Bush and Kerry should call an end to all ads by 527 groups. Of course this only leads the readers and the press to assume that the president has something to do with the Swift Boat Liars or he would have condemned the ad specifically. Somehow if Kerry calls an end to the ads, it's insinuated that they will magically disappear. It is not in Kerry's best interest to fall for this trap by the Bush smear machine. Also Scotty has said that Kerry's ads contain untruths yet he doesn't discuss the untruths contained in Bush's ads. It's a big mess that Bush has gotten himself into this time. He basically has no record to stand on whatsoever. This is a good thing.

Read the Press Gaggle from yesterday:

MR. McCLELLAN: The President has condemned -- well, first of all, the President has called on Senator Kerry to join him in calling for all of these ads and activity by these shadowy groups to stop, and he renewed that call today. The President has condemned all of these ads. And when he says he condemns them all, he means it. He wants Senator Kerry to join him in calling for a stop to all of these ads and activity.

Q But does he condemn the actual charge within the ad?

MR. McCLELLAN: That's why I said --

Q Can I assume that, then?

MR. McCLELLAN: He condemns all of these ads --

Q So I can assume he condemns the content.

MR. McCLELLAN: Deb, he condemns all of these ads --

Q -- and the content?

MR. McCLELLAN: Let me answer your question. The President condemns all of these ads. And he's been very clear in that. When he says he condemns all of the ads, he means all of the ads. And Senator Kerry should join us --

Q He's condemning the content of the ad, as well?

MR. McCLELLAN: He's calling for a stop to all of these ads. That's what he's -- he's renewed his call today to Senator Kerry: Join us in calling for a stop to all of these ads.

Q So let me just ask you --

MR. McCLELLAN: And activity by these unregulated soft-money groups.

Q You're not making a difference -- you're not distinguishing between the fact that they are 527s --

MR. McCLELLAN: I mean -- go ahead.

Q You're not separating, then, the fact that these are 527s getting unregulated money and the actual content of the ad, that Kerry might have fraudulently obtained his medals, he might have falsified records? You're lumping that all in. When he says he condemns them, he condemns everything.

MR. McCLELLAN: Senator Kerry wants to have it both ways. Let's call for an end to all of these ads by these shadowy groups that receive unregulated soft money. That's what the President has previously called on Senator Kerry to join us in doing, and we renew that call today. He should call for a stop to all of these ads. We thought we got rid of this when we signed -- when the President signed the campaign finance reforms into law. The President has been on the receiving end of more than $63 million in negative attacks from these shadowy groups, these 527s that exist. And that's why he believes that we should stop all of this activity that is going on by these unregulated -- soft money activity. And so I -- let's go and look at all that has happened over the last year, and all the negative attacks that have been aimed at the President, and all the false attacks that have been aired against the President out there.

Q So the content of all of them, he condemns that as well?

Q So can we assume that he's also denouncing the content of the ads?

MR. McCLELLAN: You've heard what he said -- he condemns all of the ads, Deb. He could not be more clear in saying that -- and when he says something, he means it. Senator Kerry can put an end to all of this by -- help put an end to all of this by joining us in calling for a stop to all of these ads. That's what he ought to do.

Q -- charge in the ad.

MR. McCLELLAN: That's what he ought to do. Why has the Kerry campaign been silent for more than a year, and then actually been fueling some of these very false and negative attacks that have been airing against the President of the United States for the last year?

Q But this one was against them.

MR. McCLELLAN: Right, they want to have it both ways. The President has been consistent from the very beginning. When he signed the campaign finance reforms into law, he thought he got rid of all of this activity and these ads. And he believes --

Q So you're condemning these ads, but not --

MR. McCLELLAN: Well, he believes we should get rid of all of this activity and ads by these shadowy groups.

Q But he's not denouncing the specific charge within the ads?

MR. McCLELLAN: How many times are you going to ask the same question, Deb?

Q You didn't answer.

MR. McCLELLAN: That is the answer: Senator Kerry should join us in calling for an end to all of this unregulated soft-money activity by these shadowy groups. And we call on Senator Kerry again today to join us in calling for a stop to all of these activities. The President condemns all of the ads. That's what he said, just again a minute ago, and that's what he has said previously.

Q Okay, so he would -- in terms of the question that I asked, he would discourage Republicans from supporting --

MR. McCLELLAN: -- we've never questioned Senator Kerry's service, and we won't. This race should be about the future. This race should be about how -- who is in the best position to lead the country, going forward, for the next four years. The President has a proven record of results, and he's laying out an agenda that builds upon that record of results. And we should be talking about how we lead and win the war on terrorism. We should be talking about how we -- the best way to create jobs and keep our economy moving forward. We should be talking about ways to reduce rising health care costs and make health care more affordable and accessible. That's what this election should be about, and instead you have Senator Kerry continuing to engage in false and negative attacks against the President of the United States.

Q Can I ask you a sort of unrelated question, which Dick wanted me to ask for another story?

MR. McCLELLAN: And I would remind you also, Deb, that the false and negative attacks being launched by the Kerry campaign have no basis in fact. They have presented no evidence. But there has been a revolving door between these Democratic front groups and the campaign strategist and the personnel and the strategies.

Q Okay, so you say these have no --

MR. McCLELLAN: That's why we need to --

Q -- they're false and baseless, but are the Swift Boat ads false and baseless as well?

MR. McCLELLAN: Deb, this goes to your whole question. These ads are another example of the problem with these shadowy groups, and that receive unregulated soft money activity. And so the President condemns all of these ads. The President, as you heard him say again today, has called Senator Kerry's service "noble."

Q So Republican or Democrat, they're all false and baseless.

MR. McCLELLAN: We should condemn all of these ads, and put a stop to all these ads.

Q (Inaudible.)

MR. McCLELLAN: No, what I was talking about was the claim that the Kerry campaign has now made, which is, all of a sudden -- I think his campaign, the other day, said that Senator Kerry had reached the boiling point. Well, reaching the boiling point shouldn't be excuse to launch into false and baseless attacks against the President. Yet they continue to do so.