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Friday, July 16

Young Nudists Summer Plans Stripped

Parents Must Be Present at Nudist Camp for Youths: "Judge Williams upheld a new Virginia law requiring that campers be accompanied by a parent or grandparent. An eyeful of naked Mom or Dad, he suggested, is a fair price for admission to nudist camp.

'The presence of a family member would in no way interfere with the child's participation in events,' he said, ruling from the bench."

The ACLU is getting in on the action because 24 broken hearted kids are not able to attend summer camp because their parents simply cannot attend camp with their children due to other commitments.

Generally you send your kids to camp so that you can do other stuff so I can sort of see where this is a problem.

I'm laughing inside thinking of my son going to a nudist camp. He'd be horrified. He only agreed to go to vacation Bible Camp at a local church for 1 week a summer for 4 hours a day with the neighborhood kids. That's all the break I ever got. sigh. ( I used to call it "The Church of I'm Saved and You're Not" or "Bible Gun Camp". He liked it though. He grew up normal.

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