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Monday, July 5

Why Do Neocons Hate Brains?

From the intellectual elitist, Mouse Words: " The Shrub and Kerry are both Yale-educated rich boys. But one of them treated his education like it was a drag and the other took it seriously. So the Shrub gets to run around claiming he's one of us and Kerry's not because, apparently, the Shrub is a two-bit moron and Kerry can speak French. What amazes me is that the whole 'I'm a two-bit moron just like y'all' thing actually works. Aren't people insulted? I guess the word 'elite' really does trip people up."

It sure does. Newspeak of the right wing employ different words to describe what is elite.. I think Bush called his followers, "the haves and the have mores"... you know like having daddy's judges and your brother, a governor assure your being "elected" to preznit, It has nothing to do with honor, integrity, morals or values. It has to do with money and power. Greed and intellectualism are foes.

You can be rich and be an intellectual though. But if you are obsessed with "having more", don't tell me you give a shit about anyone else on the planet besides yourself. People who aren't insulted by Bush's mentality and are not wealthy, are just plain dumb. There really is no other way to put it.

World O'Crap points out from an excellent article by Amber Pawlik, an avid anti-intellectual right winger who comments on SAT changes that ask students to write a persuasive opinion piece on the test: "Now, with this new change, not only are they going to find students who are likely to become political activists and make political careers, but the guess-work is done for them: they can pick students without morals and values of their own..."

huh? The evil college boards are seeking people with no morals on purpose? Amber goes on...

"A college entrance exam should be based on those objective things that indicate how well a student will do in college and in life. A young student aspiring to be a doctor has little to no need to be able to “take a stand on an issue.” They need to demonstrate intelligence, a willingness to be responsible for information (get tested on it), and an ability to develop a wealth of knowledge in their field."

WTF! Is she claiming that only those who agree with the one party robot system of the neocons should be the only ones who should be allowed to take a stand on an issue? I think so. Amber is a fascist!

"This should raise a red flag for any rational person. Why would a college admissions test encourage a high school student to state their viewpoint?"

Ummmmm because they are testing the student to see how their writing skills are and it is less stressful to ask HS students to write about their opinion on such a long and grueling exam or maybe so that the test graders don't have to spend time researching facts and figures when marking the tests?

"College officials should seek the best and brightest in high school applicants... Instead, college admissions today look for bogus things, such as students who are, “well-rounded."

It's so bogus to be well rounded. You cannot be a drone in Bushworld if you are a thinking person, you silly gooses!

"The new SATs are designed for one purpose: to pinpoint and accept students that most fit the university's political and ideological agenda. "

Oh she has paranoid delusions! College officials don't read the essays on the SAT's. College officials read the essays that applicants write on the official college application and then select subversive students. duh.

Amber does sum up for me why the right wing is so afraid of intellectuals: Because neocons are not smart people, they are afraid of people who are smart will figure them out and make them feel dumb and most of all...

Read and weep:
"The university has long been in the business not of training rational,productive minds but of indoctrinating their viewpoint. Their thuggish tactics to silence conservatives and all other dissenting viewpoints are well known and well documented."

No way! Since when are conservatives silenced? What country is she living in anyway? These neocons are simply afraid of being silenced. So why don't they behave and stop spewing nonsense?

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