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Thursday, July 15

Threatening To 'Out' Each Other on the Hill... hmmm

Capitol Hill Insiders Irked By Campaign To 'Out' Them ( "Rogers, a 40-year-old Washington fundraising consultant, has waged a controversial "outing" campaign in the month leading up to yesterday's vote. He sent out more 10,000 e-mails encouraging and perpetrating outings. He handed out fliers at the gay pride parade in June, asking people to send in names of gay Hill staffers working for senators and representatives who supported the Federal Marriage Amendment. He created a Web log last week listing some of those names.

He made phone calls, day and night, to the offices and homes of these staffers. His message: How dare you?

It's amazing to me that people don't get that! So what are we going to do? Protect these gay staffers who have influence on policy matters while their bosses spew hate and bigotry?' "

I knew this amendment would bring out all sorts of dirt. Whenever politicians and people in power get all high and mighty about 'morality', someone surely blows the whistle. It's human nature, isn't it?

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