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Wednesday, July 28

Terrorist Websites

Al Qaeda's Home Page

"Terrorists spread their messages online
A growing number of Al Qaeda websites offer instructions for kidnapping and killing victims.

By Faye Bowers
WASHINGTON One Al Qaeda website offers chilling details on how to conduct private and public kidnappings. It points out the number of cells essential to target and and hide victims. It details how to handle hostages - force them to taste the food first, for instance. It gives advice on negotiating tactics (gradually kill the hostages if 'the enemy' stalls) and on releasing captives (be alert to tracking devices planted in the ransom money).

The Al Qaeda site, called Al Battar, which means The Sword, is posted on the Internet twice a month. It's one of several websites that the terrorist group and its supporters built after the US successfully routed them from Afghanistan in late 2001.

And it is one of some 4,000 websites that, experts say, now exist to carry on a 'virtual' terror war - and plan actual attacks."

Hey! I thought we were safer and that we broke up the terrorist cells. Damn liberal media is trying to scare me.

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