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Wednesday, July 21

Still Not Enough Armor for Troops

You've gotta read this: Another Failure to Keep Faith With America's Military: Why Won't Jeb Bush Pressure the President to Deliver Bulletproof Vests to Soldiers in Iraq? "More than 1,300 bulletproof vests collected by the Marion County Sheriff's Office for shipment to the Ocala-based 351st Military Police Company remain stored in the unit's Ocala headquarters -10 days after they were delivered for shipment to Iraq. How long the body armor continues to sit there remains to be seen."

I don't know shit about war, but if I were the preznit and I decided to invade a country I would sure as hell make sure that I had enough troops and enough body armor BEFORE we went in. People are chipping in and donating vests still! What happened to the money alloted for this? How long are people going to let this administration slide?

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