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Saturday, July 3

Slice of Life On Long Island

In case you've forgotten, from all my ramblings about life on this godforsaken island, Long Island's Population is well over 2 million and that isn't counting Queens and Brooklyn. The only way off this island is through congested bridges and tunnels via Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island and Manhattan Island. (there are a couple of ferries to Connecticut somewhere) Next to us is New York City. The only borough of New York City that is on the mainland is the Bronx which happens to be a peninsula so it's pretty watery there too. If we ever have one of those massive tidal waves, oh baby, we are goners. (yeah yeah, you'd like that)

The AAA Automobile club of NY has described our (Long Island) projected Fourth of July traffic jams thusly: "It's a nightmare. There are a finite number of crossings. There are no alternatives.. How do you avoid traffic? You don't".

There is not much freedom or independence for drivers who live in this overpopulated watery coastal area. I don't know how many people inhabit NYC. Probably a billion or so. Something like that. When the cheneying RNC comes to NY in August, the traffic will be another bushdamn mess with people trying to get the hell out of here. It's soooo impractical for NYC to host anything. When you are a series of islands and peninsulas, you really can't spread out or you will drown.

Where was I? Oh yes. Newsday says we are going to do this stuff on LI this weekend: Those who have boats will go boating. Sailors are mostly on the north shore because the south shore has sand bars. That's where the ocean is. People will head in droves to the beaches. We have lots of those. Hundreds of miles of beaches of all types. I'm an ocean person. The south shore has barrier islands so you have both bays and ocean on the south shore. It's sandy down there. The north shore is rocky and hilly. I sail on the north shore and swim in the ocean on the south shore. The water temps are 67-73ยบ this early in the season depending on the body of water. One beach is closed because the piping plovers are nesting. Those are birds.

The super duper rich will head to the eastern forks of Long Island to the Hamptons on the south fork and wine country on the north fork. Others will leave the whole vicinity and go to the mainland and then up down and west from here.

My family used to own a house on the water in Southhampton in the 60's to mid 1970's. It was fun. It was cool to be rebel hippy back then, so I didn't partake in the snooty Hamptonian stuff. We were a bunch of rich kids hanging out at the public beaches with the cute guys on unemployment who came in from the city or wherever.. we didn't care.. peace and love baby. I should write about the lack of class distinction when I was growing up sometime. It was awesome.

But I digressed... The biggest fireworks shows are the Macy's East River Fireworks next to Manhattan on barges in the East River. I just love that display. Jones Beach oceanic fireworks are set off from barges too are an awesome sight from the beach. And there is going to be a big display in the park across the street from my house. All 3 are excellent fireworks shows and world class of course because this is, after all the bushdamn big apple and we do everything world class. heh. Take that, Texas!

The people who don't do water things will go to parks, have cookouts, play golf, baseball, whatever.

So I am going to sit on my lawn and watch the Fireworks with a cooler full of beer by my side and a butt in my mouth getting to know my neighbors and probably all the outsiders who will be looking for parking spaces on my street. My son will be at Jones Beach and the old man will be at the Macy's display. We are a very close family.

Happy Independence Day Long Weekend.
Let's Keep America Independent, Bushdammit

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