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Tuesday, July 27

Shove It Shove It Shove It Shove It Shove It

Wow the Cable TV pundits are apoplectic over Teresa Heinz Kerry's use of the phrase "shove it" towards a reporter. Oh those angry liberals. They must learn to control themselves. BFD. The hypocrisy is just overwhelming these days. A Democrat can't move without being disassembled by the media pundits. These are men going nuts over her comment though.

Women don't mind assertive women in the White House at all. Nancy Reagan, Barbara Bush (Queen Bitch) and Hillary Clinton were ballsy women. Oh I think Teresa Heinz Kerry is going to bring women to the polls on November 2nd. Women aren't going to come out for wimpy Laura (stand up straight and keep your hair out of your eyes, girls) Bush. Women got Bill Clinton elected twice. Women are going to get John Kerry elected. You'll see.

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