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Friday, July 2

Saddam Fashion Report

Imagine my surprise to bring in the Newday ( this morning and find the lead story titled: "A weapon of fashion destruction" describing Saddam's new look. I thought he looked pretty good for a guy who was in US custody for some time now. He doesn't look bad for his age either. I've seen men in their 40's look much worse. They mentioned his weight loss. I would like to know how a man who was on the run, for lo those many months actually gained weight in the first place? Isn't that strange?

Saddam's outfit was compared to Arnold Schwarzeneggers favorite style.. white dress shirt, no tie, smart dark sports jacket, oy.

I suppose the author was being a wise ass, by interviewing an "international" personal stylist about what else could be done to improve the former presidents appearance...botox on the deeply creased brow, a good shave, more slicked back hair, etc. Can you imagine? I guess they want Saddam to look his best to defend himself. Dictators are people too. whatever.

Read it all in Newsday
They also have a nice pictoral essay of the deposed leader.

UPDATE 7/2: Thanks to The Dark Window: Oxy Man! we learn that Rush Limbaugh is smoking something that is giving him fits of laughter and something else is giving him the sniffles. hmmm. Seriously, Rush cannot control himself on the air. He goes on a bender over the liberal media's coverage of Saddam's outfit in court. I am telling you, this obsession with fashion from the right and the left is making me wonder.. read Rush's transcript ... you gotta .... here.

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