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Saturday, July 17

The REAL Assault on American Marriage

From 10 Top Ways Bush & the NeoCons have Undermined Marriage

(this is a good article. I shortened it for this blog)

"Here 10 top ways Bush & Co. have assaulted "a union between a man and woman. By Cheryl Seal
1. Failure to create jobs
2. Consistently opposing legislation that would make healthcare affordable and guaranteed to families, regardless of finances
3. Consistently opposing efforts to raise the minimum wage and insure adequate worker benefits.
4. Consistently opposing efforts to insure affordable housing
5. Reviving the "might is right" macho model and patriarchal ideas, along with the promotion of a divisive social environment where differences and dissent are not tolerated
6. Systematic undermining of minorities, especially African Americans.
7. Unfair and unpredictable extension of soldier tours.
8. Grievous injuries and PTSD
9. Trying to overturn a women's right to choose
10. Abstinence only sex education"

The details are in the complete article. I wrote to the White House asking Mr Bush exactly HOW gay marriage will undermine families. They keep saying it will but I fail to see the logic. Something about box turtles, polygamy... WTF? I suppose allowing beastiality with box turtles is something that shouldn't be allowed.. but a constitutional amendment? Polygamy? Only if I can have a stud farm.

As I understand the government, I believe that States have rights and are supposed to handle local stuff. Bush has enough crap on his hands with international affairs. He ought to stick to that and leave the States to their own local issues.

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