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Friday, July 9

Protect Marriage Sunday Only 2 Days Away

Christians are preparing to mobilize for PROTECT MARRIAGE SUNDAY!

"A number of prominent religious leaders –have designated this coming Sunday, July 11, PROTECT MARRIAGE SUNDAY. They are urging pastors to devote at least part of their sermon to marriage as a divinely ordained institution and the need to protect marriage by amending the Constitution to limit that honorable estate to a man and a woman."

I find it interesting, being a longtime student of the Bible, that there is a lot more to the institution of "marriage" in the Bible than it simply being a union of a man and a woman. Boy oh boy are they leaving a lot of stuff out.

"Clergy are also encouraged to distribute contact information on their state’s United States Senators, to make their voices heard. The following day, Monday, July 12 has been targeted for a massive lobbying effort. The amendment has been scheduled for a vote in the Senate latter this month."

So do me a favor and call your Senators and let them know that this Amendment to the constitution is ridiculous.

“In the American Revolution, ministers gave moral support to the patriot cause. The abolitionist movement was largely church-led. The civil rights movement of the ‘50s and ‘60s originated in black churches..."

Now that is totally ironic too.

“Carlson added: “Given the centrality of marriage to society’s well-being, Christians must join the battle to preserve traditional marriage.” “

Christians ought to work on picking the right person for the right reasons to get married to in the first place before they go around spouting how divinely ordained by God their union is. Ministers ought to minister to couples who want to be married and make sure that they understand what they're getting into.

Atheists have the lowest divorce rates in the country strangely enough. Not to mention it's against Christianity to get a divorce and even more against Christianity to remarry or have a relationship with another person unless your previous spouse is dead.

Why do you think Catholics came up with annulments? Among Christians, Catholics have the lowest divorce rates while evangelical Christians in the south and midwest have the highest divorce and remarriage rates.

Homosexuals merely want in on what marriage has become in this country. If they had gotten gay rights in the first place, perhaps they wouldn't even try to infringe on marriage. Marriage isn't what it used to be anyway. So what's the big deal? They want to be able to inherit each others possessions, get on the other one's health care benefits and have equal economic benefits of married couples.

Once upon a time passionate love was not the main focus of the union. Usually the couple would grow in love over the years. It was an economic union, a religious union and a vow to repopulate the earth. Women didn't work outside of the home. Children generally worked in the family business or on the farm. There was a lot of sacrifice and dedication to the marriage and the family. Now we have a society where people's emotional and financial needs and self satisfaction give way to the needs of their children or their adherence to the tenets of their faith unless it happens to serve their interests. If we find that we are no longer madly in love with our partner, we look for another one. With no fault divorces, getting rid of your spouse is a piece of cake. Divorce is now a tremendous threat to the family unit way more than homosexuals getting married.

The hypocrisy of divorced Christians who thump their Bibles claiming that homosexuals are sinful are just being "Cafeteria Christians." They just pick what they like and ignore the rest.

Yeah, marriage is in deep shit in this country. Amending the constitution to prevent gay people from getting married is not going to fix it.

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