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Tuesday, July 13

Postponing Elections

A Candidate Better Be Nuked if The Election is Going to Be Postponed
By Liz/Blondesense

This nonsense about postponing the elections because of a terrorist attack has to be the biggest bunch of crap I have heard in a long time. They don't have any concrete evidence as to the when, where and how, but they think that al Qaida is going to strike. Well we've heard that about a half dozen times in the past 3 years and we've also heard from Mr. Bush that Osama and al Qaida are not a concern of his anymore. So what's the story? Really?

I think Tom Ridge must think that the whole country is full of southern right wing Christian Bible thumpers who love prophesies of doom. Well wrong-o! There are over 200 million Americans who can smell a huge pile of stinking shit if ever there was one. If there is a threat, then prove it this time Tommy boy. Why don't they ask Sibel Edmonds to translate something before the attack this time?

On the day of September 11, 2001, NYC was to hold their primary elections for mayor. The city was rather busy that day and upset under the circumstances so they finished the primary elections another day. They needed all the votes they could get for a mayoral primary. (Rudy Guilliani was not up for re-election and it was a good thing because he was not all that popular in NY up until 9/11) It's not like zillions of NYers go out for those types of elections in the first place. A little thing like the WTC attack might change peoples minds. Would that have affected an election if it had happened on a presidential election day? Perhaps those who live and work in downtown Manhattan would not have made it to the polls that day. The state is still a blue state.

And if a terror attack hits a convention this summer, unless the candidate is killed, why should the election be canceled or postponed? And even if the candidate, god forbid is killed, there's enough time to pick up another candidate, and perhaps a better one!

These "powers that be" ought to be checking to see what is going on and put the CIA and FBI back to work on finding out who is going to attack us and where. If anything happens, Bush's ass is on the line for sure for being a major putz.

House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi said, "'The Department of Homeland Security should not instill fear or inject uncertainty into the election... If Bush administration officials have any evidence that would warrant considering postponing the election, they should immediately share it with the Congress. Otherwise, they should disavow this fear-mongering.
...Instead of focusing on changing the date of the election, the Department of Homeland Security should focus on reducing the risk of an attack."

So how do you like that? They aren't even sharing this information with the congress. This is what I hate about this administration... all this secretiveness. If they can't tell congress, then it's all suspect. The administration is in contempt of the American people. period.

From the same article: "A spokesman for Sen. Jon Kyl, Arizona Republican and chairman of the Senate Judiciary subcommittee on terrorism, technology and homeland security, yesterday said a decision to delay the Nov. 2 election could not be made now "without knowing the nature and scope of any suspected attack." The spokesman said any ruling would have to be based "proportionally" on events at the time.
    "If Washington, D.C., is going up in flames that day, we might have to delay the election, but if the attack is aimed at Mount Rushmore, maybe not," the spokesman said."

Sibel? Sibel? Where is Sibel?

Update "'I think we shouldn't cave into terrorists. We're going to prevent terrorism,' Bloomberg said. 'If, God forbid, something should happen, then Congress would have to look at at it that time.'"

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