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Wednesday, July 21

Now I'm Bitchin'

by BlondeSense/Liz

How many of you have wondered what happened to your friends and relatives (whom you thought were pretty sane at one time) once they became rabid Bush supporters? Did they turn nuts and irrational? Do they just make blanket statements with nothing to back it up and get angry at you or anyone who asks "why" or "how did you reach that conclusion"? Do they threaten violence or warn you that you had better apologize to them or soldiers or any 3rd person? Do they resort to name calling or accuse you of insulting them when you did nothing of the sort?

Does it occur to anyone that the reason a whole lot of people are dissenting (and not just lefties) is perhaps that maybe things are not so good?

I made a list of all the people I know who are supportive of the present regime. I separated them into groups by their philosophy:

1. "I hated Clinton so now I like Bush",
These are the lifelong Republicans I know who don't follow the news all that much. They are not mean or anything. They hated Clinton because he lied and because he was a "Democrat" even though he acted like a Republican but they don't get it.

2. "Bush is great and he knows what he is doing",
Again, people who don't follow the news too much except for catching a headline here or there. They just don't want to hear about Kerry because he is so "liberal". They don't know what a liberal is except that it has something to do with baby killing and communism.

3. "Bush is only human and doing the best he can"
Pussies who are top of the headlines mostly but don't really delve much further than that or connect dots. They are mostly exasperating, illogical and extremely naive.

4. "You liberal idiots who don't support Bush don't know what you're talking about because people are dying for YOUR liberty and freedom right now in Iraq and Michael Moore is a traitor and his movie is a lie, the Iraqis deserve what they get and you are supposed to support your president, you pinko commie pieces of slime."
The majority of folks I know who are into attacking me or so called "liberals" without any factual evidence are generally ex-substance abusers, abusees, victims of religion related injuries and former juvenile delinquents. Some of the ones I know are heavy drinkers and should become ex-drinkers. The angrier they are, the more psychological issues they have and childhood traumas they have been through. I normally used to get along with them ok until I mentioned that I thought Bush was stupid and then changed it to evil. They need to be charged up, high on adrenaline, angry at something and have an enormous need to be righteous to make up for whatever shortcomings they have had in the past. If the media identifies an enemy, they are all over it like flies on shit. One more thing, very few of the rabid people in this category I know have education beyond high school and have not learned critical thinking. The ones who did get some college were high the whole time. Some served in the military.

That's just an informal analysis of my personal experiences lately. Many, if not most of my Republican friends are against this administration, so I wasn't making a blanket statement against Republicans (before anyone flames me). I also have plenty of friends and acquaintances who did serve in the military and are quite progressive. I am avoiding contact with #4's and don't bother too much with #3's for mental health reasons.

The avid Bush supporters hate the media and call it liberal biased media. And if so, where are they getting their "groupthink" opinions from anyway? If they have all just about the same opinion and the same non-arguments, then they must be getting it from somewhere. Maybe they are getting their news from those opinion guys on TV and radio? Why am I getting yelled at for Jon Stewart, Michael Moore and Air America when the right wingers have the TV news, TV news pundits and most talk radio supporting their cause? Even most local newspapers are very selective about what news they print. If anyone should be really really pissed off, it should be me.

If they are saying the media is liberal and we are saying it's corporate and both of us don't trust it then why are we at odds with each other? Why do they get all upset when we dissect news stories as bogus or smokescreens and then they dismiss our insight? Why do they defend the very news that they say is "liberal"?

I didn't agree with everything in F911. I don't agree with every progressive or liberal view. Liberals and progressives don't all have the same opinion. That's probably what pisses off the angry ones: people who think and dare to be wrong or even change their opinion if new information comes to light. Staying the steady course really isn't all that smart is it?

You don't have to agree with me. I just felt like writing this all down for future reference.

Which political Warrior are you?

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