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Thursday, July 15

"No Intelligence Here" Says Ridge

It's gonna rain for the 4th day straight on Long Island. I'm bored. Here's the news.

There will Unprecedented Security for Democratic Convention in Boston.
Tom Ridge said the government feared that al Qaeda (al BushCo) might try to stage a "large scale attack" in the United States aimed at disrupting the electoral process.
Ridge then repeated the warning that "Al Qaeda is moving forward with plans to carry out a large-scale attack in the United States aimed to disrupt our democratic process."

Ridge also said to a confused crowd that there was "no specific intelligence that the convention was a target" but then he was overhead saying when he thought the microphone was turned off, "I can dream, can't I?"

Ridge was then accused of playing politics by giving warnings about a terror attack before or during the elections but insisted that despite the obvious connection between a terror attack and postponing the election of his incumbent boss, that this has "nothing to do with politics", speaking to newborn babies in a maternity ward in NY Hospital.

I read something interesting today at one of those conspiracy sites where some of the stuff actually turns out to be true. It said if Kerry is leading in battleground states that a terror alert will be issued in California around mid afternoon pacific time on election day. Polls won't be closed but an early rush hour will clog highways and people will most likely not vote after work. I wouldn't put it past these guys... but they are so desperate what wouldn't they do to keep the dictator in power?

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