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Saturday, July 17

Martha, My Dear

Martha was on with Bawbwa last night. Why does Barbara Walters insist on making her interviewees cry? That is soooooooo 1970's. I watched some of it. Barbara really went too far. I don't want to talk about it. Martha was so framed. I'm sorry. I used to be a trader on Wall St. This was nothing to go to jail about. What are we gonna throw people in jail for lying? I'd rather see Ken Lay in jail, thank you.

Barbara asked Martha about her pocketbook that supposedly cost $6000. Then I started crying. Oy vay. Why are we talking about the shite that Faux News brings up? Well anyway, it turns out that Martha bought the bag several years ago after her company started to make it big. She said she didn't pay anywhere near $6000 for the bag and she said it's her only bag. I believe her. You should too.

You can have a good bag forever if you take good care of it. Martha's bag was so practical too. It goes with everything except maybe formal wear. Would the media give me a f-cking break already? If Martha wants 6 $50,000 bags, so the hell what? She's worth millions. $50,000 is a drop in the bucket. It's all relative.

Martha taught women to re-use and recycle on her TV show. That is NOT a bad thing at all. As a matter of fact many families across America are struggling. Many of the projects on her show actually taught women to rise up, even in their low income status and make their environment a little bit nicer, something that they could be proud of and how to make do with what you have and re-use things, make vinegar out of wine, etc etc. She taught simple gardening skills. She taught people who don't have the money to go to gardening centers for more plants how to divide the roots of existing plants or start a new plant from a cutting. I like to do that stuff even if I can afford to buy new plants. She taught regular people how to prune the garden. She taught you how to make a wreath for your door out of dried up plants, weeds and berries harvested in late fall. She taught people how to appreciate simple things whether or not they had money. She taught women how to stencil a pretty design on their front entrance if they only had plain wood or cement floors. She has awesome cookie recipes. Of course I am not going to gild my cookies with edible gold leaf. I don't have the time and I'm too hungry. But Martha has to appeal to some uppity babes too.

Her products at KMart are superior. They are affordable and very attractive. I checked them out and was very impressed with the quality and design. Martha Stewart appealed to women across the board. Those who hated her were just jealous or hung up or something. I wasn't threatened by Martha. I was kind of like her before I ever heard of her anyway. (Something I designed was in Better Homes and Gardens.) She broke down barriers. She made people care about making their homes, their neighborhoods, a nicer place to live in. Her show wasn't on cable. It was accessible to anyone with a television. She made people feel good about themselves. Maybe after watching a segment on her show some person got up and put some flowers in a vase or tried a new recipe and then was complimented for their effort. Stuff like that makes people feel good. If some women got obsessed with Martha, that is their own obsessive compulsive problem, not Martha's.

With all the poverty, debt, misery and joblessness in this country... it's good to have some recycling skills and to keep ones dignity in the face of adversity. Put a couple of roadside flowers in a jar on the window. It's a good thing.

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