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Monday, July 19


I don't post all that much about Kerry and Edwards. I'm not excited about this election. I just want Bush out because of the Iraq debacle, the stolen election of 2000 and he failed us miserably on 9/11 (before and after). I don't think Kerry/Edwards are all that liberal. I am a staunch moderate and Kerry/Edwards are to the right of me. I don't agree with their war or Israel politics. That doesn't make me a bonafide leftie for God's sake.

Why are the Republicans going nuts over these guys when they are hardly liberal? If they are described as leftists by the media, what does that make me? I am hardly a commie. I do believe in socialized health care and good education for everyone because of my Christian upbringing. Big deal. That makes me an evil commie? C'mon.

So what are Kerry/Edwards going to change that is freaking out the Republicans if Bush loses?

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