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Saturday, July 24

Let's Bring Back the Duel

When I first read about the restaffing of the Draft Boards across the country, I was seriously thinking of signing up to work on the board so that I could make sure that those who support this president and his lies war would be sure to fight for it as well. Did I mention that I was a registered Republican only so I could infiltrate the local party to see what they were up to? It was rather corrupt in my county for years and years and years. We have Dems running the show now (the sheeple woke up), so I guess it's safe to change to Independent or Democrat now.

I remember my very wise daddy telling me that there would probably never be any more traditional wars after the Vietnam debacle and nuclear arms proliferation. He also felt that if world leaders would physically participate in war battles as they did in the olden times, we'd probably not be involved in any more wars in this country. He also thought it would be a good idea if our leaders learned boxing, wrestling or karate and would just fight it out with other leaders when they couldn't solve problems diplomatically. I'll buy that.

Or how about a duel? Let them fight to the death amongst themselves... that ought to make those chickenhawks come to peaceful solutions in a snap.

The Nation has a funny (I wish it were true) story called 'Neocon Riots Rock DC' that describes the riots that would ensue, with a twist of course, if a bill passed that would require people who have never been in combat to serve in wars that they start.

The Bush people opposed said bill on "the grounds that it would leave most of the Administration's upper-level positions vacant, including the presidency and vice-presidency, but it was left unattended on President Bush's desk and he inadvertently signed it after deciding it looked too long and too hard to read first."


It's really not a bad idea to force those who start a war to serve in it. It's only fair.

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