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Thursday, July 8

Jesus' General Supports Defend Marriage Amendment

Jesus' General writes to Senator Frist: "I'm one hundred percent with you in this effort to deny homosexuals the right to marry those they love. The very thought of two men or two women entering into a covenant to love, honor, and cherish each other until the day they die just sickens me.

It's good for a society to reserve the granting of basic human rights to selected groups..."

"The General urges all his readers to follow his lead and contact their Senators. This is important. We need to soundly defeat the opposition on this. Our nation's soul is at stake. Write your Senators by clicking here. After you've sent a note, give them a call. Here's a list of phone numbers for their DC and state and state offices.

Check the list to see where your senators stand and make a phone call today. This is important. We must stop the Defend Marriage Amendment.

See also: Defending What? by moi.

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