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Tuesday, July 13

Excuse Me While I Throw Up

If Democrats get a hold of the house and/or senate in the fall, I am leading a huge campaign to regulate the media again. Clear Channel is evil and must go. It always pisses me off that people blame the crappy music on liberals and Britney's indecency on liberals and all indecency on liberals. That is simply not true. Liberals are not pigs anymore than those crypto fascist radical corporate right wingers and probably don't even come close.

If you've ever been to Times Sqare in New York City, your senses are bombarded with giant billboards of scantily clad, seductive, lingerie wearing women or form fitting boxer wearing androgenous young men... big bottles of booze, capitalism at its finest hour... and Times Square is supposedly all cleaned up and owned by Disney and a "family values" place. hogwash. It's a place to make you feel bad about yourself and a place to separate you from your hard earned money in shame. Seriously.

Turns out Clear Channel owns 50% of the billboards there too. Media de-regulation was the worst thing to ever happen to us. Clear Channel supports Bush yet Clear Channel is the most hypocritical piece of shit corporate anti-family value organization on earth. Here's part of the story:

...In a lawsuit filed in federal court here, the Berkeley-based Project Billboard said Clear Channel, a company whose leaders have been strong supporters of the Bush administration, had breached a contract to put up the highly visible billboard that depicted a bomb with the words "Democracy Is Best Taught by Example, Not by War."

Clear Channel Outdoor, the division that controls the company's billboard leasing, rejected the ad, calling it "distasteful" and "politically charged," according to an e-mail the company sent to Project Billboard. After negotiations over the imagery, Project Billboard offered to replace the bomb with a dove but still failed to win approval.

"The billboard was meant to be provocative," said Deborah Rappaport, director of Project Billboard. "Our intent is to increase the amount and level of discourse on one of the most important issues facing the nation."

The group paid Clear Channel $368,000 to lease the billboard space mounted on the facade of the Marriott Marquis Hotel, which has the potential of reaching millions of people.

Clear Channel controls about one-half of the billboards in Times Square, where about 50 "supersigns" flash, scroll and blink in a dizzying display of fashion, flesh and liquor. According to the contract, Clear Channel can reject ad copy that is deemed "obscene" or "false" or that "violates laws" or is "offensive to the moral standards of the community."

The company rejected the ad, said Paul Meyer, president and chief executive of Clear Channel Outdoor, after concluding issues of terrorism and war were too sensitive for New Yorkers after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

"It's not the message; it was the imagery," Meyer said. "In the city of New York, at the current time, bomb imagery is inappropriate." read the rest

Oh give me a break. What a bunch of nonsense. You know what is too sensitive for New Yorkers? The Fucking RNC coming to NY in August. Those bastards have no right to exploit NY. Bush Hates NY.

Update: Here's a picture of the billboard they wanted to put in Time's Square. I'm sorry but this does not look threatening.

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