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Monday, July 12

Doomocracy: Slam-Dunk

Billydoom over at Doomocracy has some interesting commentary on irony between the Senate report about the CIA failure and the new terror threat. Mr Doom thinks that Tenet was perhaps persuaded by Bush to concentrate on Iraq from the get-go and that is why we were surprised by al Qaida on 9/11 and probably why we are still being threatened? Or maybe not. Here is some of his post:

"If my memory isn't playing tricks on me, as soon as Bush came to the presidency, there were Republican vociferations about whether he should keep Tenet (appointed by Clinton) as DCI. Bush went to visit Tenet at the CIA headquarters. His visit was short and immediately afterward in the lobby of the Agency, Bush declared, in a photo-op, that he had complete trust and confidence in George Tenet as DCI. I wonder what they talked about behind closed doors.

Perhaps Bush told him his intention to invade Iraq and asked Tenet if he would support his president and gather intelligence support for the war.

I tend to believe that Tenet had agreed to do just that..."

Read the whole thing...

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