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Thursday, July 8

Democrats, Republicans and Old Ralph by Pissed Off Patricia

BlondeSense welcomes a guest viewpoint to this blog. Pissed Off Patricia is a blonde from the south. How good is that? Blonde news and commentary from the north and south all in one blog!

Doncha just love it?

 Democrats have a ticket that includes intelligent American professionals, positive words, positive plans for our country, smiles, and for added appeal, it looks good.

The Republicans have people who used intelligence badly, oil execs with dour words.  Their idea of a plan is to keep Americans on a dog leash of fear forever.  They smirk, they scowl, and for an added unappealing factor, they get off on wars.

Then there's Nader.  If you think Nader is all about America, check out the Greens for Kerry website.  There's an article there titled, "Ralph Nader, Suicide Bomber"by Harry G. Levine, Village Voice, May 3rd, 2004.   Seems old Ralph was pissed in 2000 because Washington just wasn't kissing his ass as often as Ralph would have liked so he wanted to "punish the Democrats".  In other words no one wore a blue dress for Ralph.  Tsk tsk Ralph.  Not only is it not all about you Ralph, it's not your god given responsibility to punish anyone. 

 If Ralph is still into prescribing punishment and bondage for America, I think Bush and his gang have accomplished that for him.  This sorry group has us involved in two wars, our country is divided, our military is broken, our pocketbooks are empty and pretty much every country hates our guts.  Jeez, what more could Ralph want?  Does he want to spank us too?  How much American blood must be shed before Ralph will get all happy and smiley with his revenge?  Ralph can erect his case but we're still not swallowing it. 

 So there are the choices for America in November - Positive Democrats, boorish, war mongering Republicans, or a pissed off old guy with nothing to offer but a grudge almost as large as his ego.  You decide. 

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