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Thursday, July 8

D'Amato Suggests Bush Dump Cheney

Ex-GOP Senator Suggests Bush Dump Cheney: "President Bush should consider dumping Vice President Dick Cheney from the Republican ticket this year, an influential former GOP senator said Wednesday.

Alfonse D'Amato said Bush should consider putting Secretary of State Colin Powell or Sen. John McCain of Arizona on the GOP ticket."

We don't want Bush to replace Cheney. We want Bush out. I have written to McCain and told him that he would be selling his soul to the devil if he allied with Bush. Others should follow suit. Colin Powell already lost respect because he sold his soul to the devil when he lied to the UN. But we want Cheney there so he can bring Bush down.

"The D'Amato advice came one day after Bush's Democratic challenger, Sen. John Kerry, announced he had selected Sen. John Edwards to be his running mate."

Guess they are nervous? Good.

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