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Saturday, July 31

Capitol Hill Blue: Is This Website For Real?

Is the news at Capital Hill Blue for real? They have such good news there like the President losing his mind and now Nancy Reagan's telling the Rethugs to stick it. There is just too much justice in this latest article "Nancy Reagan to Bush: 'We Don't Support Your Re-Election'" for me to possibly believe it, but I'll try. Here are some snips:

“Mrs. Reagan does not support President Bush’s re-election and neither to most members of the President’s family,” says a spokesman for the former First Lady.


Nancy Reagan has told close followers she believes Bush and the current Republican leadership have divided America with their extreme views. She has told Republican leaders she wants nothing to do with the party or Bush.


During the week of Reagan’s funeral, the former First Lady “went ballistic” when she learned the Bush campaign was test marketing new ads that used Reagan’s photos and speeches in an effort to show he supported Bush and his re-election. She personally called Republican Party Chief Ed Gillespie to demand the ads be destroyed.

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