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Thursday, July 8

Bush Sat in the Classroom on 9/11

I have been harping on this for almost 3 years. Michael Moore showed the footage which a lot of us have already seen on the Internet. None of the reviewers or papers or pundits have brought up the fact that the secret service didn't rush Bush to safety. They let him sit there after Card delivered the report on the attack on America.

The official response is that Bush didn't want to alarm the children. Bullshit. What if there was a plane heading for that school? Those kids would have had to be evacuated. No? This smells very fishy.

They let Bush change his outfit for his photo op after the book reading. They meandered to the airport for Airforce One to take off to nowhere. They even missed a turn on the way to the airport. Is this how a presidential entourage acts during an attack on the country?

So how did the Secret Service know for a fact that there were no planes headed for Bush in Florida? Perhaps they knew because they knew exactly what was going to happen. Why else would Bush just sit there?

Why didn't Michael Moore address this?

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