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Wednesday, July 7

Bush: Bad Science

The Bush Administration has little or no regard for science. Endangered Species Act's Protections Are Trimmed: "The Bush administration has succeeded in reshaping the Endangered Species Act in ways that have sharply limited the impact of the 30-year-old law aimed at protecting the nation's most vulnerable plants and animals, according to environmentalists and some independent analysts...."This administration has set new records in terms of the perversion and distortion of science," said John Kostyack, the federation's senior counsel. " -WaPo, 7/4/04

From "Bush has proposed changing the Endangered Species Act to allow imports of endangered species and body parts," says McLaren. "A chimp would never do that."

Leaders of a Brooklyn-based primate news service [] have called on political activists and news media to cease from referring to U.S. President George W. Bush as a chimp or monkey. The heads of Monkeywire, which bills itself as the 'number one source for news about monkeys and apes,' have called the Bush primate references 'misguided and demeaning.'...The Monkeywire heads say the most marked distinctions between Bush and chimpanzees are not physical characteristics, however, but behavioral ones." heh.

Our government is more interested in money than science. It's more interested in votes from the religious right than science or the future of the human species. It's interested in the financial needs of the here and now. Bush told Bob Woodward when asked about what history would say about him, that he didn't care because he would be dead. I'm surprised the Bible people didn't pick up on this grave contradiction to sound biblical teaching.

Yesterday I didn't blog because I spent the day in Brooklyn's famed Coney Island, home to the New York Aquarium.
One of the most interesting things about the NY Aquarium exhibits aside from the fact that it's a world class aquarium that goes to great pains to show marine life in a beautiful and natural habitat is that it informs us about the delicate ecosystem of the world's coastlines, the effects of deforestation and overfishing and ultimately how mismanagement can starve a human population out of existence. If we are not stewards of the earth, we can literally starve ourselves to death as the seas do not have unlimited bounty if we disturb the balance. You can read more about the Wildlife Conservation Society at Saving Wildlife Home which is a sponsor of the NY Aquarium. It was an eye opening experience. Consuming Chilean Sea Bass and Shrimp at the moment is having an adverse affect on the ecosystem. I also learned that deforestation actually kills coral reefs. And did you know that Amazonia, that's the Amazon River and its tributaries, is larger than the United States?

It's important to understand that overpopulation of the planet has a lot to do with undermining the ecology of the planet. While some do not think this is important because they place little or no regard to science because they think the Bible has all the science they need, they are very wrong because it has everything to do with the survival of the human species. Certain species of animals, fauna and fish are essential to the ecosystem and food chain. If no one pays attention to these matters, we could suffocate seas and oceans, defoliate jungles and forests and disrupt the food chain altogether. Our planet is over populated. People are overfishing, chopping down forests to raise livestock and over-fertilizing to name a few things to feed itself yet it affects on the ecology in an adverse way which will end up starving us in the end!

Our country is obsessed with the rights of the unborn... it doesn't matter to them if the unborn will starve to death once they are born. This is a religious and not a scientific belief. Now they want to ban birth control, abortion, reproductive rights and I suppose if you do give birth and are poor, they just want to say, "We told you not to have sex unless you are capable of taking care of a baby." It's all very cruel and it's bad religion if you ask me. It goes against human instinct. This upcoming election is about government forcing women to conceive explains Jaye at Winding Road. Well if our government is hell bent on further overpopulating the planet, it ought to take more responsibility for the planet and its ecosystem. It's all very ironic. It all ties together. They ought to start connecting the dots and realize that we must all be stewards of the planet. The filthy rich ought to think about sharing with the poor and contribute to the technology and education of feeding the planet rather than funding themselves... or maybe that's how they really want it... and if that is so... then we should be telling those who keep voting for these knuckleheads to stop it.

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