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Thursday, July 1

BlondeSense House Cleaning Day

No I am not cleaning it. Perish the thought. I hired one of those cleaning services that advertises itself in the Yellow Pages as capable of cleaning up after murder scenes. Seriously. With 2 cats, and 2 slobs (men) living here, it was time. They are sending a crew here to clean every room upstairs and downstairs top to bottom with heavy duty industrial equipment to remove every trace of dust, dander, cat fur, dirt, cat pee, etc.

Tonight the Persian cat sleeps on the back porch and Tomorrow he goes for his yearly shave while the rug and upholstery industrial (not kidding) shampooers come in for the kill.

Then the son's girlfriend flies in from Arizona to stay with us for a week tomorrow at 5PM at JFK. The humidity has arrived here in NY. Wonder how she will like it? heh.

I have gardening to do today. I'll blog on the laptop during breaks from the back patio.

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