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Wednesday, July 14

Blonde Faith

I'm not a Biblical Scholar obviously but I received my graduate degree in theology at a Catholic seminary where I became a major league religious skeptic and remain so to this day. I enjoyed studying Judaism at the seminary and found the religion to be very rich and comforting... at one time I even thought that it would have been a good idea if all Christians learned Judaism first. Maybe it would be a good idea after all in light of all this Christian Zionism going on. It would probably be a good idea if more Jews learned a great deal more about their religion as well so more of them could put Christian Zionists in their places.

The ignorance of Christian and Jewish Zionists is just overwhelming, their disregard for the Palestinians, the fact that world peace rests on the Israel situation and the hubris of Zionists to think that they have to power to bring on the end times before "G-d is ready" pisses me off big time. I am particularly perturbed by Christian Zionists because of their anti-Christian sentiments towards those who may not be "saved".

This time Catholics have jumped in on the issue by declaring via Haaretz : "The Catholic Church condemned anti-Zionism as a cover for anti-Semitism by means of a joint statement issued by a forum of Catholic-Jewish intellectuals this week. "
I completely disagree with this as I don't consider myself to be anti-semitic just because I am anti-Zionist. I wish for peace in that region, a compromise and a Palestinian state. Many many Israelis feel as I do. (hat tip to: Michael at Public Domain Progress)

I am deeply concerned about Christian Zionist movement in the United States. They have very little biblical scholarship and have great influence in the US Administration. They believe that Israel must be restored in order for Jesus to come back. This involves getting the Moslems off the mountain and rebuilding the Temple that was destroyed in 70 AD. They have little regard for world peace, for the Jews in general or anyone else for that matter... they simply want armageddon so that they can be raptured. They no longer have regard for basic Christian tenets such as social justice and economic justice (in case you didn't notice). They have bastardized Christianity based on their own slip shod interpretation of the Old Testament and apocalyptic writings in the New Testament. We have too many elected officials who believe in this. This is alarming.

Like it or not religion is what is causing a lot of the conflict in the world today and always has been causing the conflict. We are led by the media to believe that it's all the Muslim's fault. I don't know a hell of a lot about Muslims but I do know a lot about Christianity and Christians are not behaving. If Jesus does come back soon, he is going to be pissed. Christian Zionists ought to be careful of what they pray for. Here are some items worth reading even if you don't care about religion. It does affect all of us (gay marriage being the least of our problems):

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