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Friday, July 30


by pissed off patricia

Who's Your Daddy?  Who's da man?  Yeah baby!  We got your candidate!
I'm writing this bleary eyed and sleepy.  Yeah, but I'm smiling, because Senator, and soon to be president, Kerry had me last night.  He had me with his daughters and his band of brothers.  He did it.  He told me what I needed to hear and he did it well.  He can be president and he will be.
Senator Kerry convinced me, and hopefully all Americans watching last night, that he can be the man to take our country to the high side of admiration in the world.  That's something that no one can say about the present administration.
When Sen. Kerry's daughters spoke about their dad, I cried.  What a dad he has been. I wanted to have had a dad like that.  When Max Cleland spoke, I envied his friendship with Senator Kerry.  Damn, who wouldn't?
Senator Kerry knows that war is more than watching an Army vs. Navy football game and eating pretzels.  When it comes to defending our country, Senator Kerry won't choke. 
Last night was bliss for Democrats and America.  If you're a Democrat, be proud today because you are well represented in this 2004 presidential race.  The world will most likely agree. 
Sure we'll hear the downside of all this in the days to come, but for now, lets smile and enjoy the after glow of a great night of love.  This wasn't a one night stand.  It was the beginning of a long and happy  relationship. 

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