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Thursday, July 29


by pissed off patricia

When I'm really, really mad about something, the last thing in the world I want is for someone to pat me on my head and say, there, there, everything is going to be all right, just calm down.  I would much rather hear the simple phrase, I understand.

That's the way I feel about this Democratic convention with their scrubbed and sanitized speeches.  I feel like they’re saying, don't show your anger and frustration, just calm down.  Well, I won't calm down.  There are soldiers being murdered every single damned day in Iraq.  That makes me angry.  There are jobs going across the ocean with a one-way ticket.  That makes me angry.  The educational system in America is crumbling.  That makes me angry.  American's elderly citizens are going hungry in order to afford their medicine so that they may stay alive.  That makes me angry.  Our water and air is being legally poisoned.  That makes me angry.  Under the leadership of george bush, our country has become the enemy to much of the world.  Damn straight I'm mad, and I'm pretty damned sure that I'm not alone.

About half of America is mad as hell.  Tonight I sure would like to hear Senator Kerry at least say, I understand.  Sure, I'm going to vote for him.  No one could stop me.  But, I wish he would acknowledge that he understands why I can't just calm down.   I wish he would let me know that he realizes that there's a freight train of disaster heading our way and now is not the time for Democrats to calm down.  I want him to get energized and tell us how he plans to stop that train that bush is blindly driving to hell.  Show us the emotion.  Show us the understanding.  And for god's sake, acknowledge that we have a reason to be mad as hell even if we aren't supposed to show it.

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