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Wednesday, July 28


by pissed off patricia

The Lighter Side of Political Conventions.

Yesterday I wrote about what I believed to be a serious topic.  But today is a new day and I can't be an adult every single day.  Here's why.

As a little girl I remember watching the conventions on TV.  That was back in the days when all the TV stations covered all the elections, gavel to gavel.  That was back when the media executives and Americans felt that the election of an American president was a pretty damned important matter and they felt all Americans should be given the opportunity to have as much info as possible before they cast their vote.  Today it's different.  During this campaign period we are in the middle of a war, a war in which Americans are being killed every day.  This war is unlike any other, because the US invaded and occupied a "threatening" country that wasn't threatening anyone.  With the choice of the future leadership of American so critically important today, unless you have cable, you'll only see an abbreviated glimpse of the conventions.  The major TV executives have determined that they will decide how much you'll see of the conventions and when you'll see it.  Today the demands of viewers for a rerun of a situation comedy takes priority over a first hand look at democracy.  Things have changed.

But back to the olden days of totally televised convention coverage.  As I used to watch all the crazy activity on TV and see all the outrageous outfits the delegates would wear, it all reminded this little girl of a grand and glorious party.  All the delegates were laughing and smiling.  During those years, there wasn't a whole lot of laughing and smiling at my house.  But, in an imaginary way I was able to join all those happy people on television and we could all be part of some fantastic fantasy party.  Then to top it all off there were the balloons.  Oh, those colorful, wonderful balloons!  They tumbled from the ceiling in great numbers.  It was a gentle storm of beauty to me.  There were so many balloons, people could pop some of them on purpose.  They had so many that they wouldn't even miss the ones they popped.   I could never imagine having that many balloons to play with.  A poor kid like me was lucky to get one balloon at a time.  Thousands falling upon you must be magical.  I just wanted to run into that room and swim in all those balloons.  I would have entered a contest if the prize had been to play in all those balloons.  That was my version of heaven long ago and in another part of my life.  Some things have changed.

Today, the delegates still wear some pretty "out there" outfits, and I have yet to understand exactly why.  The people still appear to be having a lot of fun and you know what?  I have a feeling that on Thursday night when Senator Kerry accepts the nomination and they release all those balloons that are being held captive in the ceiling of the hall, I’ll continue to believe that those balloons are some of the prettiest things I've ever seen.  I'll see them as a happy and comfortable adult but my childish appreciation for their beauty and my desire to swim in a sea of balloons will be very close by.  I hope that never changes. 

This is the stuff of memories, and everyone can afford memories because they are free for the taking. These are some of the memories that I want to keep with me always.  I want to remember the feeling of being amazed that someone could have so many balloons that they could pop some on purpose.  I no longer need the fantasy friends and parties on TV to make me smile, but they still do.  I no longer need it, but I sure do love it.  I love the magical feeling I get, even to this day, when I see a united party and a sea of beautiful balloons.  I love the lighter side of the conventions. 

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